The Walk of Alchemy

Pink Tree Blossoms The Vintage 4.20.18

I went for walk this morning.

Not unlike many mornings over the past 17 years. The meaning and depth of the walk has shifted throughout the years. What began as a way to exercise and get fresh air has shifted to be much deeper than that.

I have experienced many mindful walks. Walking slower than usual, listening, feeling, and smelling in silence.

Yet, this morning I knew it was time to experience a truly mindful walk. One in which one step is taken with each in breath, and one step for each out breath.

I did this for 5 minutes during the middle of my regular walk. Five minutes doesn’t sound like that long. I know. In a world where we are going, going, going and going fast; a 5 minute mindful walk felt like a good 30 minutes.

When I began I kept having thoughts of what others would think if they saw me. Would they be thinking, “What is that woman doing? She’s barely moving!” Yet, I repeatedly brought my thoughts back to the in and out breath and each step. At the same time I was feeling anxious, almost like I was going too damn slow for our modern life. Yet again, I repeatedly brought my thoughts back to the in and out breath and each step.

Alchemy Happens

And something magical happened. I could hear the bird song with much deeper clarity. I could feel the trees. A Divine peace floated through me like a soft breeze on a warm spring day. I actually almost lost my balance a few times. I guess the body wasn’t used to going this slow with each step. I found I had to consciously tell my feet to hold up. Not so fast there!

Time felt slowed, the world felt slower. Mother Nature and her helper animals ever so gently took the worry, the sadness, the heavy feelings and transformed them into peace.

I went for a walk this morning. After the walk, I had a simple day of clarity, knowing, and peace. Peace within is a true gift. Peace within is like a decadent favorite food slowly savored, held in the mouth with patience so as to taste every hint of flavor.

This type of mindful walking will now become a part of my walking routine. I am eternally grateful to and for Thich Nhat Hahn for the mindfulness, peace, love, and non-violence he shares and teaches the world.

I went for a walk this morning. It changed my life.

**I have been meditating and taking walks of silence for nearly 10 years. Your experience may not be the same as mine the first time you take a mindful walk like this.

Thich Nhat Hahn Quote April 2018

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Ask and Listen and Trust – Walk With Me

Walk With Me themes from a May 2016 walk ….

Walk with Lillian Nature Photo 5.26.17

1) Ask.

When approaching the lake’s edge the ducks come right on over “asking” if you’ve got food for them.

How will the person or people that want your creations or services know about them, if you don’t put them out there and ask.

There may be those that don’t like your creations or services, don’t understand, or judge. Yet, think back to the ducks. They don’t stop and think, “What if they don’t have food? What if they say, “No, Go Away”? … They ask anyway. You have those creation ideas and ideas for service in your heart for a reason. For the benefit of others and for yourself.

2) Listen to and trust yourself.

This one sounds so easy and simple. Yet, fear can be a strong deterrent for listening to the message of our heart. Personally, it has taken me a long time to connect with and physically feel this fear to move beyond it.

And I mean, I really felt it … in my gall bladder area. I was taking what life handed to me and it was not what was in my heart. I didn’t want to let go for fear of not being able to provide for my family (for me it wasn’t just fear, it was the other “f” word too – forgiveness).

It took a long time, much pain in my right side, oceans of tears, yet I was finally able to let it go and allow what was in my heart. The way was provided when I did this.

Not how I expected. It has been completely unexpected. What a wonderful feeling to let go of something, trust oneself, and allow the unfolding of what’s in one’s heart. It’s not just wonderful. It’s magical and miraculous. xoxo

I invite you to allow nature to guide you and if you feel moved … Come, Walk With Me ….. xoxo (Sessions as low as $10)

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Walk With Me: Determination and Serenity

Today’s walk with me theme …

“Continue to walk your path in peace and stick to it with determination and serenity.” ~Camilla

I had just asked Mother Nature what, if any, message there was for me on this particular walk. Right after that I spotted this lovely turtle sunning on a rock.

“In moments of stillness and acute quietness, when the noisy mind is devoid of the chaotic business of thinking, an awareness of another dimension reveals itself. It is a dimension of union; the viewer and that being viewed are one. It is the ending of isolation.” ~ Del Wynn, Ack Poetically (Discovered this beautiful quote in The Curious Nature Guide)

 Walk Turtle June 6 2013
Vintage Lake Turtle June 2016
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Walk With Me – Cloudy Days

May 17 2016:

There will be cloudy days. Yet, beneath the clouds is stillness and peace. So beautiful the way nature decorates herself. xoxo

Walk With Me Photo May 17 2016

Come, Walk With Me


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