Throwback Post: Peaceful Rocks at the Library and Swimming


September 21 2014:

Here’s to International Day of Peace and the last day of Summer! Welcome Autumn! Bring it! (Almond flour cookie with cream cheese frosting and dye free sprinkles …. So YUM)!

September 21 2013:

I think there’s been some rock cleaning going on here … Thomas has been in the back yard discovering rock treasures! Suppose they needed to be washed! Love, love, love that little dude! xoxo

It’s a beautiful gray and windy day outside and a cozy and comfy day inside our awesome library! Library adventures!

September 21 2012:

Who needs street vibrations when we’ve got night time pool vibrations?? Wooohoooo!!!

September 21 2011:

When all else fails have a Dance Party . . . Team TLC Dance Party is ON right now!! I was made for dancin . . .

Throwback Post: What Is a Typewriter


September 22 2013:

“Why don’t we use typewriters anymore?” … Thomas asked me today. Explaining what a typewriter is was another conversation a while back. He says typewriters seem so much easier. You don’t have to print anything cause you already have it right there …. (He was reading an older book that mentioned typewriters.)

Throwback Post: Open to the Signs


September 21 2015:

We went for a swim this afternoon and as we were leaving, I found this on the ground in a corner. I turned in an RFP today, am putting final touches on an article to be submitted, and had just posted a new blog post on my blog …. So, thank you, thank you very much. Grateful, grateful, grateful. xoxoxo

Throwback Post: Different iz Good – Intestinal Fortitude and Perseverance


September 22 2012:

Thank you Luther for the touching and moving review on Amazon … totally made my eyes sweat …

“My wife and I read a chapter of D iz for Different each day after our lunch. We have a granddaughter, Irene McKay Moran, with the same Chromosome 18p- abnormality and Camilla’s daughter. Reading this book my wife and I were struck by the intestinal fortitude and perseverance of Camilla as she faced each differently-abled situation. During my years of military service I did not experience anyone with more determination to succeed, no matter the obstacle than that exhibited by Camilla. After retiring from the Air Force I worked for the Division of Social Services for the State of Missouri. Numerous of my clients had “differently-abled” children and were stuck in the “woe is me” rut. Resigned to accept whatever meager handout society would begrudgingly give them. I wish I has had Camilla’s book to give them. Maybe they would have seen what was possible for them and their family. Camilla, you have done a “bang-up job” with this book, and we are certainly glad our daughter Susan has made your acquaintance. Plus we’re glad to have met you at the conference in Indianapolis.”

Throwback Post: Blessed Beyond Words


September 27 2015:

Morning walk with Thomas .. Awesome! Was not feeling good when I woke up this morning. Laid on the couch and went back to sleep. When Thomas woke up he put a blanket on me, got me a pillow, and set my books beside me. Then he took a picture of me sleeping .. Said I looked so cute. HA! Blessed beyond words that we chose one another as mom n son.

Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla September 2015 Date Day


September 26 2015:

Thomas n Camilla September 2015 date day – part 1 … Lunch!

Thomas n Camilla September 2015 date day – part 2 … Mandarine orange cheesecake!!! Yum!!! Then Grassroots Books where we also turned in a bag of books. YAY!

Thomas and Camilla September 2015 Date day – Part 3… Went for a wonderful walk … I truly love going for walks with Thomas.

Throwback Post: Meltdown With Therapy While Partying


September 27 2013:

Finally off for a Team TLC adventure … One gigantic two hour Lillian meltdown later! All’s good now! Whew!

Yummy lunch for Team TLC!

Stopped by the NCET Expo … Thomas and Lillian got a few balloons … Ummmmmm … Good Gosh!!

September 27 2011:

ST and OT adventures for Team Member L!!!

September 27 2009:

Lillian drew this with chalk outside. I asked what’s the stuff on the sides of the heart. It’s a girl heart!!

Bday party for one of Lillian’s friends at Build a Bear in the mall.

So, since Ms. Lillian won’t touch stuffed animals, Thomas chose the animal and helped with the stuffin.

Lillian chose the name and the clothes. And this monkey, named Lilly, by the way is extra special. It has 2 hearts. One for Thomas & one for Lillian!


Come on Over – Karaoke Time

April 27 2024

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I received a text from my friend, Alona. “Come over. We’re doing karaoke.” Had a little debate with myself. No, go to bed. But, what if I said yes? We live in the same complex so it was only a two minute walk.

I don’t know y’all. But, the Philippines makes some amazing folks. Wild, sweet, affectionate, hands on, talkative. Such great fun! Those donuts!! I could have eaten that entire box! I had a hard time leaving. Thanks to my friend, and her friends, for wrapping me in their warmness.