Having My Mind Blown by EMDR Therapy

April 15 2023

Let’s talk about EMDR therapy. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.

I’m working with a therapist to help with the remnants of what I wasn’t able to fully move through during my nearly 10 year spiritual deep dive. Many of you know the time period I’m talking about. Much of it is in my 2nd book.

Currently having my mind blown with the power of EMDR therapy. I have much and deep childhood and teen trauma. We are at age 9 years old currently.

With this therapy, getting the iron deficiency anemia and pernicious anemia, and the gut issues under control, and the neurodivergent adult group I’ve been a part of the past couple of months, (and one other blowing my mind tidbit – 😉), I feel more alive, bright, and joyful than I have in many years.

I feel things lifting, shifting, and I’m making my way to having a kick ass second half of my life. Here I go dancing, walking, and strutting my way into exciting times! 💋❤️💐❤️💋