Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Reno – Thomas Among Students Greeting Her

April 22 2023

I’m so happy Thomas got to do this! 🥳🥳🥳 I was supposed to be an audience member for her next stop at UNR but I did not sleep at all the night before, and couldn’t even think straight. 🥴🥴🥴

“Greeted Kamala Harris at the airport Tuesday morning, pretty cool experience” – Thomas

Lessons from Nature: One Thousand Years

February 17 2016:

“On the same spot I sit today
Others came, in ages past, to sit.
One thousand years, still others will come.
Who is the singer, and who the listener?” -Nguyen Cong Tru

View from Near TMCC Spring 2015
(View from North Reno, near TMCC campus, Spring 2015)


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Wonderfully exciting news! My 10 year old son, Thomas Darnell‘s book, Biggest Little Photographer has arrived. Be inspired! Learn more and order here.

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Wild Child Nature Sessions – Start Noticing Nature

Damonte Ranch Walk 9.13.16 #3

I am facilitating a “Wild Child Nature” program once a week (or every other week) beginning May 25th to continue through Fall 2017 as there is interest. These sessions focus on connecting with nature, creativity, and imagination. Nature connection is about connecting people with nature through mind and body. Please visit this link for full list of sessions and to sign up.

Sessions to last from an hour to about an hour and 15 minutes. The sessions will be stand alone. Meaning you can come to all or simply as it fits your schedule. Cost will be a suggested offering of $15 per child, $5 per sibling and no charge for parents. Yet, no one will be turned away, so please join us if this speaks to you.

Thursday, May 25th, for the first session. We will begin at 10:30 a.m. at Virginia Foothills Park (near Geiger Grade and Brown Elementary School in South Reno). This session may be full already, so please let me know if interested. Age is completely open. If you think your child will enjoy this and benefit, then great!

The session will begin with a very short guided meditation and a short nature dance. From there we will move on to our topic of the day. The entire program has mindfulness as its core. These will be as fluid and organic as possible and intuitively driven so I might cover a different topic then I had originally planned.

First Program: Start Noticing Nature – Using All of Our Senses

Nature Dance
Core of Class (Sampling):

Notice nature
Feel and smell the air
Notice the clouds and the trees
With eyes closed name every sound heard

Walkabout (Mindful Walking)
End with Circle Share

Each session will cover one topic such as a sit spot, nature journaling, using all of our senses, observing, writing, drawing, story telling, and sharing. These sessions are not solely for the kids. Parents are asked to participate and observe so that concepts can be transformed to your liking and weaved into your family life.

What this class will NOT be about: We will not be focused on proper writing and grammar, correct drawing styles, naming plants, animals, or cloud formations. However, if a child is extremely interested in a bird song, plant, or cloud; we will note that so they have the opportunity to research further at home.

So that we can get started on time, please register and pay using this PayPal link. Cost is a suggested offering of $15 per child, $5 per sibling, and no charge for parents. Yet, no one is turned away due to finances. Pay what you can and join us!


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Wonderfully exciting news! My 10 year old son, Thomas Darnell‘s book, Biggest Little Photographer has arrived. Be inspired! Learn more and order here.

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Photography Musings: Share Your Peace

“If you are yourself at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world. Then share your peace with everyone, and everyone will be at peace.” -Thomas Merton

Zen Rocks Little Washoe Lake October 2015


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Did you know I wrote a book? It’s titled “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” and you can read more about it here.

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Living in Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months

In late August 2015 I moved Team TLC into a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 810 square foot condo. If you are new to this blog or the tiny-home-adventures blog series, go here to read the first post titled, Living in a Tiny Home Adventures. It’s been a couple of months since the last update.

I’ve been busy with writing, subbing, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Another of my articles got published during this time also. It’s titled “The Gift of One” and was published by the Australian Institute On Intellectual Disability. Go here if you’d like to read it.

(The lake is frozen!!)

We’ve made so much progress since I last wrote. We got rid of the hide-a-bed couch that was in Thomas‘ “room”. I had Salvation Army scheduled to pick it up; but before that could happen someone bought it! I mentioned on facebook that I’d scheduled them to pick it up and that led to a friend of a facebook friend (who happens to live in the same condo complex as us) buying it. Wahoo!

Just this past Monday I removed the last of the items from the storage unit. Such a relief. There was a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet, and a child’s recliner. I gifted my desk to a friend and moved the other items into The Romano Duo’s unit.

The plan is to bring the office chair here as soon as I make room for it. Not sure what I’ll do yet with the filing cabinet. I do plan on going through it to see what I can purge. And, Lillian wants to sit in the chair one more time to see if she’s ready to pass it on. There are a few more keepsake boxes in The Romano Duo’s unit. I’ll be going through those soon. Once all this is done, we will have everything we own right here with us!

The Romano Duo came up here for Christmas and we had a warm and cozy celebration in our tiny home. We opted for a small 2 foot artificial tree as there simply wasn’t room for much else. Plus, we already owned this one and I wasn’t in a position to buy another artificial tree or a live tree (which is what I had planned on doing).

It took some time, but eventually, Lillian and Thomas were okay with this and LOVED our tiny tree. We decorated our little tree with what would fit and then hung the rest in the window. It was really cool!

We’ve had an interesting and financially positive side to being in such a tiny place, sandwiched between other condo units. We’ve hardly had to use the heat. And, it was in the single digits some nights! We’re at the tail end of January and we’ve used it maybe 4 or 5 times. It’s staying anywhere between 67 to 73 degrees and we’ve actually had to open the windows to cool it down!

In a couple of the last posts I mentioned the street noise from South Meadows. Guess what The Romano Duo got me for Christmas? A silk eye mask and earplugs (amazon affiliate links)! I was so grateful and excited to receive these. And …. I LOVE them! Thomas got a silk eye mask from Santa and he loves his too! It has made a huge difference with falling asleep. Ahhhhhh!  I also use them for meditating .. so odd to hear your own heart beating sometimes!

The porch light stays on and our bedroom window is directly underneath it. It’s on my list to unscrew the bulbs and replace with dimmer lights or something else. Just haven’t gotten to it.

One night after dinner and dishes, I cleared the table. Thomas and I then played a “homemade” version of ping pong using what we had. Brought so much deep belly laughter … From Lillian too as she watched us. I think the ball had fun too.

I am still actively donating things to Goodwill. After Halloween I donated many of the decorations I was ready to pass on. I started with 3 storage tubs and took it down to 2 storage tubs. I donated Christmas decorations as we were unpacking them and also donated lights and other decorations after Christmas. I began with 6 storage tubs and am down to 3 tubs.

I just asked Thomas and Lillian if they enjoy living here. I got a loud “Yes, we love it” from both of them!

In the next update I’ll include more pictures of the inside as we’ve re-arranged some things and are still in the process of re-arranging. Stay tuned ….

That’s all for now … The adventure continues …. Thanks for being a part of it!

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