Give Me One Reason – Monday Night Poetry

February 9 2024

Last Monday was exactly what I needed and I had a blast! Love these deep diving poetry folks!

The Space in My Heart

Give me one good reason
Why I should stay

When we’re together the words
You say to me
Bury themselves into the fertilizer
Of my heart
Watered with the tears that shed
When you ignore me
Sprouting, growing into the garden of you

Only to be crushed by the boot
Of your unreliability, dishonesty
Your empty, meaningless words
Supported by your inconsiderate nature

You come to me as an option
When you need replenished
When you’re lonely, sad, or confused

I am sustenance caught
In your web
Suspended, stuck
Waiting for you to come for me

I’m continually questioning my
Position in your life

I’m tempted by your tasty fruit
I know I should disconnect

My soul knows this

I want to understand you
I want to explain how I feel

But my soul knows I need someone
Who chooses me over and over again
Someone whose efforts reflect
I am wanted in their life
Someone who abundantly fills my cup

Give me one good reason
Why I should stay

Are we just telling ourselves stories?
We would do and say anything
To hang on to each other

Fiction filled stories
With pieces of truth
Patching the plot holes

Dancing to the tune of
Each others energy
Smiling in each other’s sunlight
Singing the joy bursting from our hearts
Drawn together like magnets

Is it fiction or truth?

Deep down I know the answer

Infusing myself with the strength
Of all the goddesses before me,
I close my eyes,
take a deep breath
And I
Walk away

February 2024

Inspired by Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”

Hosted by @sidewayseightprojects and @mondaynightpoetrynv

Throwback Post: Plum 100 Photo Shoot


October 7 2012:

Thank you Ashley Graham for making ALL this happen! You are a rockin, fabulous and amazing woman!!

Thank you Jeramie Lu for the FABULOUS photos!! We had FUN doing this photo shoot y’all!!!

Thank you Janet Storie for loaning me beautiful and fun jewelry from Sparkles to wear for the photo shoot!!

Thank you Tina Mokuau of Tina Mokuau – The Makeup Artist for powdering my nose too!!!!

I’m grateful to everyone involved and blessed to pieces to know y’all!

Top honorees from last night’s Plum100 Celebration Awards Show:

Artists & Icons: Grae Warren, Reno Tahoe Tonight
Community Leaders: Pete Parker, Summer of Service & NPCatalyst
Charity Drivers: Marty Ozer, Ronald McDonald House
Foodies: John Pinocchio, Pinocchio’s Bar and Grill
Risk Takers & Visionaries: Chris Riche, Discovery Museum
Business Owners & Industry Experts: Toni Suttie, Integrity Casting
Extraordinary: Camilla Downs, D iz for Different
Scientists & Tech Savvy: Eren Ozmen, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Super Heroes: Michael Hernandez, Reno Fire Chief
Beautiful Minds: Wendy Calvin, Geology-University of Nevada, Reno

Thank you to everyone within the Plum100 you are all incredible and influential.

Celebrate the courage and character of the Reno region with the 100 most influential people within the area.

We are recognizing Super Heroes, Business Owners & Industry Experts, Community Leaders, Foodies, Extraordinary neighbors, Charity Drivers, Artists and Icons, Scientists, Savvy Techs and our region’s Risk Takers and Visionaries who lead our economic engine.

There are ten people within the ten different categories which make up the full list of 100 and only one of them will be awarded as the top influencer within their category. This won’t be your average awards night!

See the Full Plum100 List:

This event comes complete with two film crews, outside influencers, photographers and media coverage.

This inaugural event brings our regions most influential leaders together along with the community in order to show the world who we really are. Join us and join an eve of a new era for the Truckee Meadows.