poem for a mess of a day – National Poetry Month – April 23rd

Prompt: Meme poetry = Found poetry. I created this prompt, sparked by an idea from the poetry workshop I attended recently. I’ve grabbed sections of the memes I’ve saved, smooshing them into a poem along with some of my own words. I have so many, this is my 2nd meme poetry. One more to follow at some point.

Today was crap. I’ve been in crisis mode for most of the day. But I still wanted to create something. Found poetry is perfect for that. Wonky photo to match the wonky day.

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 23/30 for April 23rd

poem for a mess of a day

Moonlight in her eyes

She silently stepped out of the race
Finding her own lane

She’s a soul searcher, deep in thought,
Her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures

You say she’s pretty
But if Dracula saw her on the streets of Romania
Would they be so mesmerized by her beauty
That they would start writing a bunch of poems
About how much they crave her body and her blood?

There are people who don’t get obsessed easily
And there are those who let things consume their entire soul

Stars in her hair

Hard-wood floors
Tokyo drifting

Friends that leave you feeling more alive
After you’re with them
Are magic in human form

PTSD = Spicy déjà vu

Be a wild one
A room-wrecker
A reality checker
A fire-tongued, fierce leader
Be wild-hearted
A world-changer
Use those skills
To stand up for
Those you love
And perfect strangers

Magic on her lips

Do you ever
Debate with yourself
About keeping a cardboard box
Because it’s a really, really good box

Be unhinged
Wear fancy clothes to the grocery store
Yell things at bugs
Be free

Here’s to unbecoming all the things
We thought we were supposed to be

Camilla Downs, 2024

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