Parlor Games: Part 2 – National Poetry Month – April 27th

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 27/30 for April 27th

Parlor Games – Part 2

Perfect happiness
is being able to relax into life
Not needing to figure out on a daily basis
how to buy food, pay rent, purchase necessities
While also being a full-time single parent
To two kids with varying degrees of special needs

Everyone who knows me
Knows that I love to share hugs

Being attracted to those
who are not a good fit for me,
My ability to easily settle for less than I deserve —
These are traits in myself I do not like

I’m a punctilious person
I pay attention to details
I like information
I enjoy solving predicaments,
Reaching resolution,
Finding answers

One of my greatest
extravagances is
food and drink

My upper arms
My inner thighs
My stomach
I’m grateful to all of you
But I dislike y’all

That is amazing
Love this
Love that
Love it
Words and phrases I overuse

Gen X
oozes from my feral pores
Leaving a trail of neon
Pink footprints
And the scent of strawberry lip gloss
Coating the air —
This, I treasure

The greatest loves of my life
Art —
My two kids —
Thomas Arthur
Lillian Paige
Myself —
and little Camilla

I am happiest when I am home
Sitting in a favorite spot

I am happiest when
I’m with like-minded folks
Who want me there with them
Who appreciate me

If I were to come back as
Something else after I die —

intimacy —
I most value in friendships

Some of my early parenting choices
One of my greatest regrets

When it is time for me to die
I want simply to have a knowing that
my time has come to an end
with enough time to say goodbye to friends and family,
I’d like to peacefully drift to sleep,
never to wake again.

Camilla Downs, 2024

*Prompt: Write a poem based on the “Proust Questionnaire”.

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