time eats audacious love – National Poetry Month – April 22nd

April is National Poetry Month. I’m going to attempt to write one poem every day this month. Today’s poem: 22/30 for April 22nd

time eats audacious love

By way of the imagination
Guided by the senses
You are an ocean of emotions

You smell like a crisp salty ocean breeze
With just a hint of lemon-coconut scented sunscreen
Fragrances that promise to sweep me away
To a sparsely populated tropical island
Freckled with palm trees

You sound like waves gently lapping the shore
Churning the sand
The susurration of the waves are
Mixed with the faint cry of seagulls
Whispering to me that all is well
In a melodic tone that hypnotizes me

Your delicate touch is like the velvety softness of
Golden beach sand
I can feel the sand kissing my body
sticking to my feet
In between my toes
Underneath my fingernails
And I think there’s sand in my mouth

You taste like a Pina colada
Refreshing and cool
And not too sweet
I already feel slightly buzzed
From the sugar-infused alcohol

When I look at you my shoulders instantly release the
tight connection they are trying to maintain with my ears
I feel my mind relax
Letting go of the jumbled thoughts
That scramble for my attention

You are one of my favorites


You are one of my favorites

Camilla Downs, 2024

**Prompt: Pick a colour. Use the 5 senses to explore and inhabit it.