Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2011 Date Day


November 26 2011:

Date day adventures with Thomas!!!

“They (Sonic) put something in this ice cream to make kids not stop eating it.” -Thomas

Next stop on date day …. Putt putt adventures!! Fun!!

Animal adventures … Cheaper than a zoo!! So excited!!

Last stop on our date … Top Secret lunch box … COOL!!!!

You Are The Spark That Can Reignite the Fire Within – Shine!

August 26 2023

Hi friends! Please listen and share this beautiful new song by my friend Anthony. The lyrics, the beat, the vibe is sublime. Please share and let’s get this song and artist the recognition they deserve. 💜🎶💜 Song is on Spotify. @anthonypostman_mercurycalling

The Honeysuckle Vine With The Butterfly and the Dandelion With Books and a Dragonfly

June 10 2023


June 24 2023

Kelli finished the honeysuckle vine this afternoon. We didn’t have time for the shading 2 weeks ago when I got the tattoo. She is so awesome, and an amazing artist. 🖤🌿🖤

The honeysuckle represents joy, love, pure happiness, romance, sweetness, affection, growth, strength, resilience, and a connection to nature. It’s also nostalgic as my grandma had a honeysuckle vine in her backyard. In addition, they are everywhere in the Deep South. As kids we would pick the flowers, pull the stem out, and enjoy the tiny drop of nectar found inside.

Butterfly for emerging from the cocoon, transformation, growth, vitality, and new beginnings.

August 25 2023

Finally fully healed! Love it! 🖤🖤🖤 Thank you, Kelli! Listen up. If you don’t like my tattoo, you are welcome to keep your opinion to yourself. ✌️🙌✌️

Dandelions represent transformation and growth, going through different stages and blooming. Additionally they represent resilience, hope, and perseverance. Words of Alchemy is the title of my latest book; which also has a dandelion on the cover (a photo that I took on a walk).

The dragonfly represents transformation, change, hope, new beginnings, fresh starts, and self-realization.

Throwback Post: November 2013 Date Day With Lillian


November 26 2013:

Another beautiful, awesome, magical day! This time I get to go on a date with the fairy princess that I get to call my daughter … Lillian Paige!

First and second stop on the November Date Day for Lillian and Camilla …. Lillian has a french fry obsession, so we tried some we’ve never had before. YUM! Had a car picnic at Audrey Harris Park and then a quick stop down below to Bartley Ranch. Beautiful view for a car picnic!

Last stop on the L & C date day …. Window shopping! One of my least favorite things to do with my time (unless it’s books)! Yet, for Lillian, I will choose to enjoy myself …. and take pictures!

Gratitude for the Real Ones

August 19 2023

Now that my life is in celebration mode, thank you to everyone who has stood by me for the past 17 years. Thank you to The Romano Duo and my Dad. Thank you to my childhood and teenage friends, to new friends and old friends. Thank you for loving me, cheering for me, helping financially, helping with food, buying my books and artistic creations. Thank you for the kind words, the hugs, the smiles. ❤️❤️❤️

It’s difficult for me to even think about how little my family lived on for all those years, the choices I had to make, the creative ways I made it work, or made it seem like it was working.
Financial PTSD is a real thing and one day soon I’ll be able to think about it without feeling sick to my stomach. And I shall take Natalie Goldberg’s advice and write about things you should not write about. You know me. I like to do things I’m not supposed to do. 🤣😂🤣

Oliver X – A Piece of the Puzzle is Gone Forever

August 16 2023

At Monday Night Poetry we were invited to honor Oliver X.

Oliver X was a connector of people and ideas.

He always had a lovely smile,
and warm welcoming energy.

When we met in 2013,
He invited me to write an article
For Reno Tahoe Tonight

In 2019,
he invited me on the RTT radio show
to talk about my books.

He supported creators however he could.
He was a connector of like-minded folks, with like-minded ideas.

Oliver X loved this city.
He was a piece of the art’s puzzle for this city.
He was the x that marked the art heart of Reno.

We’ve lost this piece of the Reno puzzle,
leaving a gaping hole in Reno and her art community. 💔💔💔

(Photo of us from 2019)
Camilla Downs – August 2023

It All Makes Sense Now – Maybe

August 16 2023

Yep. Grocery checker, bookkeeper, receptionist, paralegal, social media consultant, Reiki master, substitute teacher, newspaper delivery, pet sitter, shared living provider, project manager, writer, poet, author. Who knows what’s next? I’m hoping to add dancer at some point. Working on it.

Drenched in Joy and On Their Way to a Lifetime of Firsts

August 13 2023

Horrible photo, but I got ‘em. Thomas got home last night about 11:00. My mama heart is drenched in joy and happiness that they got to have this experience. Here’s to you, Thomas. A beautiful, talented, creative, sweet, kind human. ❤️❤️❤️

August 18 2023

Thomas was off to Senior Sunrise this morning. First day of last year of high school, first day of second year of college. Last end of summer at home with me. This is the school year of “lasts”, leading to a lifetime of firsts for this beautiful, amazing person.

I’ve tried to enjoy all the moments with you, Thomas. I always see people saying that “it went so fast.” That was not my experience. I can’t explain why, but it doesn’t feel like your life from birth to now went fast. I hope it’s because I slowed down and tried my best to be mindful and be in the present moment during our time together.

I know this for sure. You have been the most amazing blessing to me. You literally changed my life, my world view, my opinions, shifting the lens through which I view others and life events. My love for you cannot be described using mere words. It’s the feeling one has when witnessing the miracles in life. Stunning sunsets, sunrises, the birth of a child, the quiet of the snow, the sound of the ocean, the twinkling of the stars, the loving touch of another.

I had only intended to post Thomas’s photo with a brief message. But there’s no stopping the words when they want to flow. Hope everyone has a lovely day, enjoying all the moments.

Give Me All the Vacations – Camilla in Lake Tahoe

August 12 2023

Lillian and I did it! We successfully navigated one night, at home alone for Lillian! I’m thrilled for us! Thank you to Matt and Julie Miller for the inspiration and the ideas. This moves us one step closer to me getting a longer vacation. Next up, we will try 2 or 3 days, then a week, and the sky’s the limit after that. (First time since about 2008!!)

Here are all of the South Lake Tahoe photos in one post. I stayed for one night, on the beach, with an amazing view. In my opinion it was THE BEST lake view room on the property. Don’t know how that happened. But, hell yes! I mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the view. I met up with my South Lake Tahoe friends for live music on the beach at the property next door to where I was staying. It was an absolutely beautiful night. The next morning I went to the beach early before everyone started arriving. It was perfect! And there was a bear sighting. But it was just out of my view.

For those that don’t know Nevada and Lake Tahoe. This was about an hour drive for me. We can get to North Lake Tahoe in about 30 or 40 minutes. South Lake Tahoe is about double that.