Rolling Into Fun Times

May 18 2024

I bought roller skates last summer. I didn’t feel ready so put them away. I’ve been strength training for just over a year now, and am feeling much stronger, with more balance control. There’ll be tons more practicing inside the house before moving the fun outside, along with protective gear. Fun times! 💋🎶🛼🎶💋

Throwback Post: Upside Down in the Bathtub


September 8 2014:

Thomas has been wanting me to lay upside down with him on this grassy hill. It’s about a 90 degree angle. The first time I flipped backwards while trying to get up!

September 8 2013:

This young man warms my heart and reminds me to stay focused on LOVE! Said he wanted to have a bath just to soak and read! xoxoxo


Throwback Post: Sunset Walks While Reading and Cooking


September 10 2015:

Just WOW! Beautiful walk tonight. Plus a moving quote from the bedtime book we read last night … “Do the little thing that comes from YOUR heart and everything might change, in ways no one could imagine.” – The Brave Little Parrot

September 10 2013

Gonna enjoy as many of these sunset reading moments as we possibly can in the next month and a half …. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

September 10 2012:

I’m so excited!!! Prepping for my annual “Lillian Presentation”. Every year I present to Lillian’s classmates about her differences. This year I’ll have a larger audience as all of the 4-6 grade teachers want me to present to their students instead of just Lillian’s class! WOW!! I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to have these little minds to inspire and educate … My desire is that I say just the right thing, in just the right way to inspire at least one of them, hopefully more, to accept themselves just as they ARE and to carry that forward to acceptance and kindness towards those with differences … The magic happens this Friday, the 14th … not just any Friday and not just any 14th …. It’s a very special inspiring little ladies birthday that day too …. Rock on Ms. Lillian … Keep on shinin girl!

Makin dinner adventures for Team Member T … Fillin my boy with confidence and kindness tonight … Spaghetti and Meatball Stoup … And I was Thomas’ helper all the way!

A little poem inspired by Team Member T & L this past July 2012 …

September 10 2011:

About 10,000 feet up on Southwest Air on our way back to Reno from Vegas!!!



Throwback Post: Family Love Notes


September 15 2014:

Love notes. We write a love note to each other almost every Monday after dinner. We’ve been doing it for a year or two and it’s a special quiet time all together sitting around the table. Family Love Note Night! Live alone? Write a love note to yourself. Most times that’s how I write my morning journal entry. A letter to myself … Give it a try. It’s all good stuff!

Throwback Post: Reading With Happiness at the Beach


September 11 2014:

A boy, a book, lovely green grass, and his guinea pig, Lovey! The perfect picture of LOVE!

Just picked up a VERY happy young man! His first day of computer programming with NCLab! Thomas’ 3 words describing the class: epic, awesome, and love! Thank you to Stephanie for ordering one of Thomas’ LEGO prints and Scott for paying 5 times what we were asking for a print. One month paid for AND he paid for it himself … With your help! Next month is 3D printing!

Oops! Forgot to post the picture of Lillian and I before the Lillian presentation yesterday to her class! Both showing our chromosome 18 love with our shirts!

September 11 2012

Isn’t this woman gorgeous??? Love her to pieces … That is ALL! (Patty Romano, aka Momma, in Gulfport, Mississippi …. getting some sand to bring back to Team Member T & L)

Throwback Post: Dessert While Dancing and Blowing Out Candles


September 15 2015:

Afternoon birthday dessert for Lillian Darnell yesterday! We got one for Thomas too! Yum!

September 15 2014:

Our daily after dinner walk had to be postponed tonight due to the smoke. So, we had a dance party instead! Dazz Band, Aretha Franklin, and KC and the Sunshine Band … and Team TLC! ♡

September 15 2013:

It’s blurry but this is an amazing and wonderful picture … Lillian has not been able to blow out candles in the past. She blew out ALL 12 candles yesterday on the very 1st blow!! That’s why it’s blurry! I thought I was gonna get a chance to take more than one! HA!!! Wish I had got all of Thomas in the background! He was so excited for her and jumping for joy! He ran over and gave her a hug … he was so HappY for her!! Here’s a video from January 2011 of her blowing out a candle for the 1st time …. You can see how difficult it was for her! Wahooooooooo Lillian!!