The Rain Felt Cold – Christmas 2019 Gift for Thomas


Homemade gift I made for Thomas. This was great fun! Using a book that was destined for the trash, I randomly opened the book and scanned for phrases to make into a poem. Found Poetry! Challenging! 💜💜💜

I stood on the porch,
The rain felt cold on my face and neck
I looked out at the city and thought
it was beautiful. The rain had cleaned the sky
The skies cleared
The seas calmed
And I suddenly knew
that the story wasn’t finished,
It was the kind of day you felt you
could build a future on.

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“Words of Alchemy”, published December 2019, is a free-verse poetry memoir covering the last 6 years of my life. The poetry of nature, the poetry of healing, the poetry of appreciation, the poetry of love, in one beautiful book.

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