The Evolution of Communication

Have you noticed it?  Have you noticed the way in which we communicate and conduct business has fundamentally shifted?  We are no longer solely communicating with our mouths and voices as a society.  A GREAT majority of us are using technology and social networking sites to communicate, work, conduct business and stay connected.  We, as a society, have shifted our communication style.  It is my belief that this shift has occurred in such a way to literally wrap it’s arms around the segment of our population who communicate with sign language or who cannot articulate in such a way to be understood.  Our communication methods are literally evolving to include more of our society than EVER before.  There are 8 of every 1,000 people in the United States who have some sort of communication disorder.

To fully grasp this just notice throughout your day how often you are communicating using technology via email, texting or social networking sites.  If you still conduct many of your conversations over the phone or face to face, stop and think, “How would I be having this conversation if I did not have the use of my voice or if I could not articulate what I’m trying to say?”  There are options now that weren’t available years ago! I, for one, believe there’s more to what is occurring in our communciation style than meets the eye.  I can’t begin to imagine where this is headed.  What I do know is that this is a GOOD thing for my daughter, Lillian, and those like her.

This is the VERY reason I was driven to create the Turning Views Foundation, the Different iz Good movement and the Gift a Voice Project.  We began a recycling program through which we collect last generation iPhones, iPod Touches and (soon) iPads to be donated to those who communicate with sign language or who cannot articulate.  **Update** We now take ANY used/inactive cell/mobile/smart phones. We also have it set up so that schools, companies, churches, etc can hold a Gift a Voice cell phone recycling drive and pay NO shipping for mailing the phones!

We also just got our first media coverage about the iPhone, iPod and iPad recycling program.  You can read the article at Reno News & Review’s website and The Gift of a Voice in Sparks News Tribune.  Please visit the Different iz Good website if you would like to learn more, see how you can Get Involved, take a look at our Wish List or even browse our Different iz Good store!

Would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section! Thanks y’all!

You Can’t Sell That on Facebook

I was recently teaching a Facebook Workshop for a group of fabulous realtors.  One of the participants asked me the same question 3 times (just worded a bit differently).  Her question . . . “How do you know people are going on Facebook looking to buy real estate” and then “You mean people are using Facebook to search for real estate”?

My answer to her each time was this . . . “No, absolutely not!  People are not on Facebook or any Social Media or Social Networking sites (Twitter, YouTube) to buy ANYTHING; much less real estate!!”

Are there business owners and entrepreneurs out there that think this about their product or whatever it is they sell??  Oh my goodness!  I hope not! You will be much much disappointed in Social Media if you jump into these Networks with that frame of mind.  We must absolutely turn this thinking upside down, throw it in the garbage, jump up and down, stand on your head, whatever it takes to get those thoughts outta there!!

People (and potential clients & consumers ARE people) are NOT using these online networks and hanging out in these online sites to buy stuff.  They are there connecting, engaging, researching, having fun, being influencers and collaborating like you wouldn’t believe!!

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube are networking sites that assist you in establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.  These are NOT a broadcasting tool.  They are not a one way street! These are two way streets!!  If you want to broadcast about what you sell or your service, you most likely want to look at traditional advertising methods ~ radio, television, print ads, billboards ~ these are all ONE way venues!

I would suggest that as business owners our goal on these sites is not to sell anything (that may be our ultimate intent; but can’t be our goal).  We are there to connect, engage & converse with potential clients (or referrals) and to build our community!  How do you do this . . . .

Think what you know how to think, Say what you know how to say and Do what you know how to do!  Earn the attention of those you are attempting to “hang out” with.  But, don’t stop there, you must then earn their Trust.  You wouldn’t want to abuse the privilege of earning someone’s attention by then broadcasting over and over and over and over what you sell or the service you provide.  Give people Awesome-Not-To-Be-Missed Content and Interaction and you will be well on your way . . .

I’m just sayin . . . Do you have any thoughts to share?