Game Players and Business Owners ~ We Need Each Other

To Us!

About a month ago I wrote a post about Social Networking sites being a waste of time.  I want to elaborate a bit on a piece of that post.

There are those of us who choose to play games on Facebook.  There are those of who choose not to play games on Facebook.  There are those of us who are business owners or entrepreneurs or founders of nonprofits even! There are those of us who are employees or students.

We have a nice balance going on here.  We all need each other! Those of who are networking online, who are business owners, need those of us who are “wasting time” on Facebook and other sites.  If one is approaching social networking properly by adding something to the online space you are occupying, giving value, sharing content and ideas that are useful and helpful then you are needed and liked by those of us who are online socializing, wasting time and/or playing games.

I believe we have a nice balance here. I’m happy there are people online just hangin out! I need them and I hope that I am providing them with some GREAT information! I could, however, do without those darn spammers!! But, I suppose there will always be spoilers and crashers!  Good thing it’s online!

What do you think?  Do we need each other?

Facebook Tip ~ Original Admin Can Be Removed

Facebook made a change in regards to the original administrator (or creator) of Facebook Pages about two or three months ago.  It’s such a BIG HUGE change, I thought it warranted it’s own post!

Admins Section of FB Page

Business owners and entrepreneurs had been getting caught in some uncomfortable situations before Facebook made this change.  I can’t tell you how much chatter there was online about this problem; not including the number of business owners (or employees of large businesses) who came up and asked me about this whenever I spoke or taught a workshop.

The “old” problem: Whoever created a Facebook Professional (Business) Page (FB Page) was deemed by Facebook as the original creator and original admin for the Page.  Now, that in and of itself sounds innocent enough.  But, if a business had an intern, temporary employee or, as had happened, an employee who later became a {sometimes disgruntled} ex-employee create the FB Page through their personal profile; there was absolutely NO WAY to get them removed and they remained having total control of the FB Page.  This caused a huge headache for businesses.

Fast forward to the change.  The original creator (original admin) of a FB Page CAN be removed and changed. YAY!  This is fantastic news for businesses worried about using an intern, temporary employee, virtual assistant or anyone else for that matter.  Not to mention that FB Pages have become collateral when it comes to selling a business.  One must be able to transfer the valuable FB Page with the sell of a business!  Hoorah Facebook!  Much much much needed change!

CAVEAT!! One must still be very sure and trusting of whomever they assign as an admin of the FB Page as that person now has the power to REMOVE all other admins (including the owner of the FB Page)!

Happy Facebook Page Creatin Y’all!

Do I “Confirm” or Do I “Not Now”?

Facebook Friend Request

Facebook has changed the language when you receive a Friend Request to “Confirm” or “Not Now”.  What is the thought process that goes into sending a Friend Request to someone?

I use Facebook personally and also networking for my business and 501(c)3 Foundation.  I know some people who use it solely for personal reasons and some who use it solely for business reasons.  We’ve got a wide range of how and why people are using Facebook.

Since I use it for business and personal, I am “friends” with people whom I have never met.  Whenever I send a Friend Request to a person that I have never met, I ALWAYS include a message with the friend request letting them know how I know of them or mutual friends or just plain and simple why we should be facebook friends.  Actually, even if I know the person, I include a message.  I believe I’ve only sent out about 1% of request without a personal message included.  If I receive a Friend request from someone I don’t know, I always visit their profile to see whether or not we would be a good fit for becoming facebook friends.

I am curious why people send friend requests to people they don’t know without a personal message included.  Let’s take two scenarios – one to apply to the personal arena and one for business.  First, imagine you are at a wine or beer tasting or socializing over coffee or tea.  You are having a good time, laughing with friends, sharing stories and pictures.  Someone walks over to you and says, “Let’s be Friends”, Let me join your conversation, let me see your pictures; without introducing themselves or without any precursor to “Let’s Be Friends”.  Would you do that in person?  I wouldn’t.  If you wouldn’t do it in person, why do it online? Second, imagine you are at a networking event.  You are listening to what others have to say about themselves and their business, you’re exchanging business cards, you may be talking a bit about personal stuff.  Then, someones walks over and says, “Hi, my name is Jane Doe.  This is what I do and this is why you should buy from me or use my services.  Let me tell you some more about me.”  Would you do this?  I wouldn’t.  I know there are some who do this; but, this isn’t true networking.  True networking involves listening. True networking would be something like, “Hi, my name is Jane Doe.  I see  from your name tag that you do this or I overheard you say you do this, that or the other.”  “I would love to hear a bit more about that because __________ (so and so suggested we connect, I see your connected to so and so whom I do business with, etc).”

Why do (or not do) things online that you would not do (or do) in person?

What do you think?  Do you include a personal message with your Facebook friend requests?  What do you do with friend requests you receive from people you don’t personally know; especially the requests without a message?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks y’all!

You Can’t Sell That on Facebook

I was recently teaching a Facebook Workshop for a group of fabulous realtors.  One of the participants asked me the same question 3 times (just worded a bit differently).  Her question . . . “How do you know people are going on Facebook looking to buy real estate” and then “You mean people are using Facebook to search for real estate”?

My answer to her each time was this . . . “No, absolutely not!  People are not on Facebook or any Social Media or Social Networking sites (Twitter, YouTube) to buy ANYTHING; much less real estate!!”

Are there business owners and entrepreneurs out there that think this about their product or whatever it is they sell??  Oh my goodness!  I hope not! You will be much much disappointed in Social Media if you jump into these Networks with that frame of mind.  We must absolutely turn this thinking upside down, throw it in the garbage, jump up and down, stand on your head, whatever it takes to get those thoughts outta there!!

People (and potential clients & consumers ARE people) are NOT using these online networks and hanging out in these online sites to buy stuff.  They are there connecting, engaging, researching, having fun, being influencers and collaborating like you wouldn’t believe!!

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube are networking sites that assist you in establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.  These are NOT a broadcasting tool.  They are not a one way street! These are two way streets!!  If you want to broadcast about what you sell or your service, you most likely want to look at traditional advertising methods ~ radio, television, print ads, billboards ~ these are all ONE way venues!

I would suggest that as business owners our goal on these sites is not to sell anything (that may be our ultimate intent; but can’t be our goal).  We are there to connect, engage & converse with potential clients (or referrals) and to build our community!  How do you do this . . . .

Think what you know how to think, Say what you know how to say and Do what you know how to do!  Earn the attention of those you are attempting to “hang out” with.  But, don’t stop there, you must then earn their Trust.  You wouldn’t want to abuse the privilege of earning someone’s attention by then broadcasting over and over and over and over what you sell or the service you provide.  Give people Awesome-Not-To-Be-Missed Content and Interaction and you will be well on your way . . .

I’m just sayin . . . Do you have any thoughts to share?

Facebook Fan Page and Non Profits

I was recently asked for my two cents worth on developing a Facebook fan base and getting the word out about an upcoming event for a non profit.

This cannot be viewed any differently then growing one’s fan base for a for profit business.  The same rules apply.  You have very different content and material to work with; but you still must give people a reason to become a fan and allow the Page’s status updates into their News Feed.

Depending on the non profit, it may be easier growing the fan base.  People feel good about and love supporting others who are doing good!!  I would say you definitely want to include in the content of the page real stories of real people being helped (or whatever applies to the non profit) so that fans can see the good the group can and does make happen.  The non profit would want to steer clear of having the Facebook Page only be a place to continually ask for donations.  That should be a part of the page, but, should not overwhelm the page.  Ask fans to share their stories on the Wall or using the Discussions tab.  Get creative in thinking of how to boost fan engagement just as a for profit has to be creative.  The more fans are interacting with the page the more it will grow organically through viral methods.

The non profit should make use of the “Causes Application” on Facebook also.  Fans can post this on their personal Facebook  Profile.  Another great one for growing through the viral method.  Donations can be accepted through the application, too.

As for the upcoming event, I would make use of all local online calendars, Facebook event, and online local forums.  Make sure the Facebook Page is mentioned in EVERY marketing & PR venue.  Make sure the Facebook Page address is included in all print materials about the non profit.  Don’t forget to let potential fans know WHY they would want to become a fan.

Once the Facebook Page is created (and this goes for ANY Facebook Page), the administrator of the page might do well to exercise good etiquette when it comes to “Suggesting” or “Sharing” the page with their Facebook friends.  I will leave this up to your judgment ~ just think about the times you have gotten a Page suggestion from someone for the same Page about every 2 days.  Let’s not be in such a hurry and risk losing some Fans. I’m just sayin’ ~

What do y’all think?  Have any additional thoughts or questions?  Would love for you to comment or post them on my Facebook Fan Page Wall & I will answer them.  I also share tons of tips, articles and how to videos.  Come on over and Become a Fan (click here)!!