Facebook Fan Page and Non Profits

I was recently asked for my two cents worth on developing a Facebook fan base and getting the word out about an upcoming event for a non profit.

This cannot be viewed any differently then growing one’s fan base for a for profit business.  The same rules apply.  You have very different content and material to work with; but you still must give people a reason to become a fan and allow the Page’s status updates into their News Feed.

Depending on the non profit, it may be easier growing the fan base.  People feel good about and love supporting others who are doing good!!  I would say you definitely want to include in the content of the page real stories of real people being helped (or whatever applies to the non profit) so that fans can see the good the group can and does make happen.  The non profit would want to steer clear of having the Facebook Page only be a place to continually ask for donations.  That should be a part of the page, but, should not overwhelm the page.  Ask fans to share their stories on the Wall or using the Discussions tab.  Get creative in thinking of how to boost fan engagement just as a for profit has to be creative.  The more fans are interacting with the page the more it will grow organically through viral methods.

The non profit should make use of the “Causes Application” on Facebook also.  Fans can post this on their personal Facebook  Profile.  Another great one for growing through the viral method.  Donations can be accepted through the application, too.

As for the upcoming event, I would make use of all local online calendars, Facebook event, Eventbrite.com and online local forums.  Make sure the Facebook Page is mentioned in EVERY marketing & PR venue.  Make sure the Facebook Page address is included in all print materials about the non profit.  Don’t forget to let potential fans know WHY they would want to become a fan.

Once the Facebook Page is created (and this goes for ANY Facebook Page), the administrator of the page might do well to exercise good etiquette when it comes to “Suggesting” or “Sharing” the page with their Facebook friends.  I will leave this up to your judgment ~ just think about the times you have gotten a Page suggestion from someone for the same Page about every 2 days.  Let’s not be in such a hurry and risk losing some Fans. I’m just sayin’ ~

What do y’all think?  Have any additional thoughts or questions?  Would love for you to comment or post them on my Facebook Fan Page Wall & I will answer them.  I also share tons of tips, articles and how to videos.  Come on over and Become a Fan (click here)!!

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