Facebook Tip ~ Original Admin Can Be Removed

Facebook made a change in regards to the original administrator (or creator) of Facebook Pages about two or three months ago.  It’s such a BIG HUGE change, I thought it warranted it’s own post!

Admins Section of FB Page

Business owners and entrepreneurs had been getting caught in some uncomfortable situations before Facebook made this change.  I can’t tell you how much chatter there was online about this problem; not including the number of business owners (or employees of large businesses) who came up and asked me about this whenever I spoke or taught a workshop.

The “old” problem: Whoever created a Facebook Professional (Business) Page (FB Page) was deemed by Facebook as the original creator and original admin for the Page.  Now, that in and of itself sounds innocent enough.  But, if a business had an intern, temporary employee or, as had happened, an employee who later became a {sometimes disgruntled} ex-employee create the FB Page through their personal profile; there was absolutely NO WAY to get them removed and they remained having total control of the FB Page.  This caused a huge headache for businesses.

Fast forward to the change.  The original creator (original admin) of a FB Page CAN be removed and changed. YAY!  This is fantastic news for businesses worried about using an intern, temporary employee, virtual assistant or anyone else for that matter.  Not to mention that FB Pages have become collateral when it comes to selling a business.  One must be able to transfer the valuable FB Page with the sell of a business!  Hoorah Facebook!  Much much much needed change!

CAVEAT!! One must still be very sure and trusting of whomever they assign as an admin of the FB Page as that person now has the power to REMOVE all other admins (including the owner of the FB Page)!

Happy Facebook Page Creatin Y’all!