Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Week Seven

If you are new to this blog or the tiny-home-adventures blog series, go here to read the first post titled, Living in a Tiny Home Adventures. It’s been several weeks since the last update. I’ve been busy writing, subbing, and getting us more settled and there’s still unpacking to be finished. This update is all about improvising and using what I already have on hand. I love being able to use whatever I’ve got and creating exactly what I want, exactly when I want it. FUN!

(I spy a heart directly in the middle of the curtain! Just saw this as I was posting it!)

I like to open the windows and door to feel the breeze and circulate fresh air. However, leaving the front door open was inviting flies, moths, and other little flying critters into our tiny place. I was looking into buying an instant screen door that affixes with hooks and velcro (this: Bug-Off Instant Screen (amazon affiliate link)).

While I was considering the instant screen, I used thumb tacks and hung a lace curtain in the doorway so we could enjoy it being open. I like it so much, I decided to leave it. It’s now hanging from a curtain rod that I already had on hand.

I installed two eyelet hooks (already on hand), then used leather cord (already on hand) to tie the curtain rod to the eyelet hooks. I used one thumb tack to ensure the curtain fully covered the door. The thumb tack is in the corner just under and to the right of the curtain rod. If I had hung it above the door as you would typically use a curtain rod, there would have been a gap; which would defeat the purpose of having it there. I used pins to secure the valance as it hangs too low (still need to perfect this). Lastly, I used a command hook so that I could pull it back when the door is closed.

Another change I made is to remove the closet door in the bedroom as I needed the space behind it for Lillian. Thankfully, the lovely maintenance guy took it and put in their storage as I had no where to put it! I hung a curtain in the door’s place and it’s working great!

I’ve also been working on figuring out “the wall” for Thomas’ “room”. Finally have it almost complete. I bought an inexpensive lightweight curtain rod (amazon affiliate link), hung from the ceiling using picture hanging wire and the hooks that came with it. I also ordered a set of 14 curtain rings with clips (amazon affiliate link). I have an abundance of hand made quilts from my Mammaw Downs and Frank’s Mom, Marge Romano. They are so pretty and the one bedroom closet is overflowing. So I decided to use one of the quilts for Thomas’ wall. This one is a bit too small. I believe it’s a full size quilt. I’ll look through better in the next week and see if I can find a larger quilt to give him a “bigger” wall.

I decided to talk with Thomas about switching to a Japanese style floor bed to give him more room. I told him the decision is completely up to him and then I made him a make-shift floor bed using a down comforter and the homemade quilts mentioned above. He absolutely loves it! He says he sleeps much better on it than the couch bed. We’ve decided to get rid of the couch bed to give him even more room.

View for the Lakeside Dinner Picnic

We’ve gone on dozens more walks, swims, and even had a picnic dinner by the lake one night. Thomas and I had lunch on the patio as part of our October date day and so did Lillian and I. Also, Lillian and I had a dessert picnic in the garden area next to the lodge.

I’ve made several more trips to Goodwill donating items. In the last post I mentioned that it’s my goal to empty the storage unit and have everything we own here with us. I’ve been able to make one trip to storage. I donated 2 lamps and our Christmas tree to Goodwill and as soon as I get to it, I’ll have the couch picked up by an organization.

And, now, for some of the un-lovely aspects. I opened the blinds in the bedroom one morning and spotted a cute little mouse on the patio. Yes, cute, yet, no thank you for hanging out on the patio. I let management know about it and that afternoon a pest control person came over. He explained to me the options and that this area has a huge mouse “problem” (this area was formerly a ranch).

I kept thinking, “I don’t want to kill them, I’d just like to repel them so they don’t want to hang out on our patio”. I even told him this. I literally almost threw up when he told me how the glue trap killed them. I couldn’t make sense why you would purposely use yummy smelling traps to lure them to the area and then kill them (as this is an outdoor area and not inside a home). Why not make it so they aren’t interested in visiting?

I began searching online for natural repellants. I found suggestions of mothballs; which I had already bought as we kept getting visits from a bee or two when trying to eat on the patio. However, mothballs are horrid smelling and powerful. I put some out anyway in containers with holes punched so no other animals could get ahold of them.

I also ordered Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent (amazon affiliate link). Before it arrived, Lillian saw another little mouse visitor. So, I don’t think the mothballs were working. I put more mothballs around the patio and the Cab product arrived a couple of days ago. It smells great! Smells like a Christmas tree. The reviews were almost all 100% positive and they offer a money back guarantee. We haven’t seen any visitors since Lillian saw the last little fellow several weeks ago.

I’m still struggling with the road noise from South Meadows. I so much enjoy quiet. There are days when it seems to bother me more than others. Most likely, those are the days I’m focusing on it and not on how grateful and happy we are living here. I did let management know that as soon as another similar unit is available in an acceptable location, I’d like to transfer. One of the reasons I was so impressed with this place is that they are happy to transfer you to another unit at any time without charging you extra fees.

Another aspect I’m still trying to figure out is a dedicated meditation space. At our last house, I used a corner of my bedroom. For now, I keep my meditation blanket and pillow folded together on top of the dryer. I take it out every morning and usually sit in the living room against the love seat. It works for now and I should eventually have space in the closet to store the blanket and pillow.

I always like to end on a lovely note. Last week, we picked out some fun pumpkins for our patio. As I was rearranging things on the patio, I found a little plastic pumpkin. I thought to myself, “It’s time to pass you on.” I’ve been toting two of these around in the Halloween decorations for at least 4 years and have not used them. It opens so to put candy goodies inside.

A few minutes later, little 6 year old Sophia Lee from upstairs walked by with her mom and grandma. I could hear her saying with such longing how much she wanted a pumpkin. Little pumpkin now has a new home with Ms. Sophia Lee. I love when solutions in the form of loving kindness say, “Here I am.”

Later in the week, I bought a mini pumpkin and anonymously left it at Sophia Lee’s door without a note. Last night, she presented us with this cute little pumpkin! LOVE the hat!!!

That’s all for now … The adventure continues …. Thanks for being a part of it!

The adventure has begun …. Thanks for being a part of it! Go here to read about the fourth month!

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Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Week Two

Thomas, The Lake, The Ducks, The Sunset ... On One of Our Walks ...

If you are new to this blog or the tiny-home-adventures blog series, go here to read the first post titled, Living in a Tiny Home Adventures. I imagine the updates will slow down as we get settled and get everything unpacked and organized, but for now I’ve been posting weekly.

Team TLC Out For a Walk

Week two was much smoother. I was not needed at HDMS for subbing so I was able to use my mornings writing and the afternoons unpacking. (I was quoted in a just published Huffington Post article titled, 6 Lessons Learned Through Divorce and Marriage. Pretty cool! Go here to read the article. I’m #6.)

The bathroom is finished! The living room is almost finished. Kitchen is the second runner up to being finished. The rest of the place, the bedroom and Thomas’ “room” are still a mess. I’m thinking at the two month mark we’ll have it almost finished and most definitely by the three month mark. It’s my goal to have the storage unit cleaned out by that time also, if not by month four.

Team TLC loves, loves, loves our new tiny place. Truly, we have so much to be thankful for with this home and blessings abound. The living room is big and so is the bedroom and bathroom. We get awesome sunlight in the huge, nearly floor to ceiling, living room window. The window faces Southeast so it gets great sunlight at different levels throughout the day. I’ve found 3 out of the 4 crystals we have and they are now hanging in the window providing us with beautiful dancing rainbows everywhere!! We love our crystals and they love us back by sharing their beauty!

Last week I wrote about how I have finally released the grip on my desk and will get rid of it as soon as I get to clearing the storage. This past weekend I decided that I would do the same with our kitchen table. The Romano Duo gifted me the table for my birthday in 2008. Something interesting happened after I decided I would pass it on. I found the perfect place for it and the chairs! HA! So, as long as it works in this location, we will keep it. If it seems to be in our way or a bother, then I have no concerns about passing it on to someone else.

I made the first trip to Goodwill and donated 7 bags of things. That felt good. I’ve already got 2 or 3 more bags ready and one bag ready for Grassroots Books (a local used book store). I will be going through my clothes to get rid of even more. I’ve gotten rid of almost everything I don’t wear or haven’t worn in a while. Now, it’s down to the items I only wear once or twice. The closet is just not big enough and I don’t feel like I need this many clothes. As I am financially able I will replace the huge amount of inexpensive clothes I own with a few good quality items. No more of this closet full of throw away clothing!

Now. For some of the un-lovely aspects. Thomas and Lillian have a more difficult time letting go and releasing “stuff”. I choose to see this as a learning experience for all of us. I do not require that they get rid of things. I simply ask. If they say “no”, we keep it. However, I model for them getting rid of things. I let them witness me doing it. They don’t always say no. In fact, they surprise me sometimes by saying yes, when I thought they’d say the opposite. Thomas is better about it than Lillian. That young lady wants to keep EVERYTHING!

Thomas is also struggling with not having a dedicated room to himself. I have created a space for him and most of his belongings. Yet, he craves something dividing his space from the rest of the living space. I’m researching what I can do for him and will take care of that as soon as I get everything unpacked. I’m pondering using curtains to divide the area and will search online for more options.

I am extremely happy with our place and the community. The only drawback for me is the traffic noise from South Meadows Parkway. This was the only 1 bedroom on the ground floor that was available for when I needed to move. There were plenty of 2nd floor 1 bedrooms available, but then there’s the whole stair issue with Lillian. However, I do not dwell on this drawback. It’s a very quiet location other than that.

Bouquet of Sunshine

Now. Back to the lovely aspects! I was moved to deliver a bouquet of sunshine to the kind ladies in The Vintage office. That was fun! Also, we had an amazing swim during last week too. It was a really warm day and the water was the perfect cool temperature. It was soothing, peaceful, and I truly felt one with the water. I was in the zone! Total bliss.

I sure do enjoy heading over to the lodge to get a second cup of coffee on some mornings. There’s a great industrial size coffee grinder/coffee maker which hosts Starbucks Breakfast Blend! They also have a wonderful selection of tea. I’m not quite sure why this feels so good; yet, I just love walking to the lodge with my coffee cup in hand (with a splash of organic half n half) and having some freshly ground and brewed coffee. I would prefer if they had a local company’s coffee and I may suggest that after I get to know everyone better.

That’s all for now … The adventure continues …. Thanks for being a part of it! Go here to read the next installment about living in our tiny space!

The adventure has begun …. Thanks for being a part of it! Go here to read about week seven!

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Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Week One

Team TLC On Our First Walk Around the Lake

Last week I wrote about how and why Team TLC moved into a 1 bedroom 810 square foot condo. I’ve decided to write update posts as time allows. The still inner voice urges me to share this adventure and journey with others. Anyone who knows me also knows that I freely and openly share my life’s journey for the growth and benefit of others as I feel that is what I’m supposed to BE doing.

What You Do With the TV Nook When You Don't Own One - Fill It With Books!

Bedroom Still A Mess! All That's Been Done is Rearranging Dressers.

Week one was a whirlwind. We moved in on Sunday. I subbed every day last week so the unpacking and rearranging was very slow moving. (I substitute teach at the school that Thomas attends – High Desert Montessori School.)

Love The Sun Shining Through The Prism - More Prisms Coming - Haven't Unpacked Them Yet!

All of us adjusted pretty quickly to our new place. So far we’ve not had problems or emergency situations with having only one bathroom. In case of emergency, we can use the lodge bathroom. We’ve mostly been mindful of the call of nature for one another!

Our First Walk Around the Lake .... xoxo

There were no problems sleeping or worries about being somewhere new. We all slept in the bedroom through Friday when I was finally able to clear the boxes around the hide-a-bed couch. Lillian’s full size bed and my queen size bed both fit into the bedroom so that’s where we’ll sleep. Thomas gets to have his own little area and will sleep on the hide-a-bed. He’s always had his own bed and bedroom in the past, with his latest bed being a queen size that he got from Grandma Marge (Frank’s mom) when she moved into assisted living. He has never slept well on the bed, so we both decided to get rid of it and will eventually get him a brand new one.

Thomas' "Bedroom" - Getting There ..

The place is still a mess, yet, it’s coming together finally. We still have some things in the storage unit also. There’s another couch, my desk, a filing cabinet, holiday decorations, two child recliners, an office chair, Thomas’ desk, keepsake items, pictures, Thomas’ HUGE box of LEGOS, and probably some things I’ve forgotten about!

Still Need to Put Away Things, Yet The Kitchen Is Almost Done ... Team TLC!

Beautiful!! Our First Walk Around The Lake

I have a wild and crazy plan! Ready ….. I’m making it my goal to clear the storage unit completely and have everything we own here with us in this beautiful 810 square foot oasis! Purging and simplifying are not new concepts for me. This truly began in July 2011 (read about it here). The couch is gone as soon as I schedule a donation center to come pick it up. I’m going to release my grip and let go of the desk. The desk was handmade especially for me in the late 1990’s, so I have been reluctant to release it. Now is the time. I will bless it, thank it, and pass it on. I plan to make space for Thomas’ desk once things are unpacked. We’ll see how it all progresses.

View From the Front Door

We’ve had several dinners on our patio, had our first movie night (and an extra movie night), went for our first walk around the lake, have gone to the pool several times, had the first beanie baby birthday party, and I taught Thomas how to play pool Friday afternoon in the lodge.

Great Heated Pool!

Hot Tub


Birthday Party For September (The Blue Beanie Baby Sitting On The Car)

Beautiful Lodge! Haven't Played Pool In Lots of Years!

GREAT Movie For Our First Movie Night!

Another GREAT Movie For An Extra Movie Night!

The adventure has begun …. Thanks for being a part of it! Go here to read about week two!

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Living in a Tiny Home Adventures

Team TLC On The Patio Of Our New Tiny Place

In July 2015 Team TLC moved out of the 1,300 square foot, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment we had lived in for the past year. For the 7 years prior to that we had lived in an 1,800 square foot house. We put our belongings in storage and have been spending the summer with The Romano Duo as they are moving out of state for a couple of years. (Team TLC stands for my son, Thomas, daughter, Lillian, and me, Camilla. Thomas is 9 years old, Lillian is 13 years old, and I’m 45 years old. The first letters of each of our names is TLC. The Romano Duo are my mom, Patty, and my step-father, Frank Romano.)

I chose the place we moved out of because it was close to Thomas and Lillian’s school. After living in that part of town for a while, I decided I would rather drive a bit further and live closer to our old neighborhood. We all loved and missed our old stomping grounds!

This last week in August, our time with The Romano Duo has come to an end. For now, anyway. They will be leaving for Mississippi on September 15th and we moved into our own place this weekend. I’m nearly on the end of town in which I wanted us to live. It’s not exactly what I had envisioned, yet I know this is leading us to the exact perfect home for us.

I spent June, July, and August searching for a home in the Damonte Ranch/Virginia Foothills/Galena area. When I did find something in my price range, it was rented almost immediately after being advertised. I couldn’t get to them fast enough! When I did get there fast enough, it was usually a place with stairs and big open areas. Lillian could hardly stand it inside those particular houses. With her proprioceptive, vestibular, and sensory issues she just couldn’t take it. In one place, she had to stay in the bathroom while I looked around. I couldn’t really move her into a place in which she was not comfortable and one in which caused her such problems.

Bedroom Door! We’ve Claimed It! HA!

In less than one week’s time I viewed, signed the lease for, and moved us into a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 810 square foot condo at The Vintage at South Meadows Condominiums. There was no time left to keep looking. We shall see how many beds one can fit into a 13’10” X 11’10” bedroom. (**Update: I was able to fit one standard size and one queen bed with room for nightstands and dressers!) The grounds are gorgeous with an amazing private lake with a walking path, an awesome pool, and beautiful clubhouse (which can be used privately), and a cozy little movie theater! Not only that. They have a preferred employer program. Teachers get price and fee reductions and perks. YAY for being a substitute teacher! This will certainly be an adventure. There will have to be more purging as there’s no way all our stuff is going to fit into this place!

They Fit!!! Still A Mess With Unpacking! And Still Need Some Rearranging of Dressers.

Was it my plan to move us into such a small place with only ONE bathroom? No, not really. Did I mention there’s only ONE toilet for three people? HA! For several years now, I have been an admirer of Tiny Homes and the Tiny Homes movement. I love the idea and think I could live in one and be happy and content. Every time I’ve talked with Lillian and Thomas about it, they have not liked the idea. So, no, it was not my plan; but the seed was there in my heart to see just how much we could simplify.

Big Mess!! We LOVE it!

Thomas and Lillian observed as I looked for places these past several months along with the worry and frustration at times. When I took them to look at this place, they both loved it and the amenities, and most importantly, were both content and happy with the size of the place. All three of us are very excited about this move.

GREAT Patio!

I’m blessed and grateful that throughout the past 17 years I’ve learned skills and techniques that allow me to see the gift of situation and to know that everything is happening as it should to bring me and my family further clarity, enlightenment, and growth.

View From the Living Area! Trees Through the Window and That’s Our Patio on the Left. So Cool!!

I’m contemplating writing a weekly blog post about our adventures as the plan for now is to live here for one year at the most …. or could be shorter depending on other circumstances.

Let the adventure begin!! (Go here to read about the first week in our tiny space!)

Heartfuly Inspired™,
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