Living in a Tiny Home Adventures

Team TLC On The Patio Of Our New Tiny Place

In July 2015 Team TLC moved out of the 1,300 square foot, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment we had lived in for the past year. For the 7 years prior to that we had lived in an 1,800 square foot house. We put our belongings in storage and have been spending the summer with The Romano Duo as they are moving out of state for a couple of years. (Team TLC stands for my son, Thomas, daughter, Lillian, and me, Camilla. Thomas is 9 years old, Lillian is 13 years old, and I’m 45 years old. The first letters of each of our names is TLC. The Romano Duo are my mom, Patty, and my step-father, Frank Romano.)

I chose the place we moved out of because it was close to Thomas and Lillian’s school. After living in that part of town for a while, I decided I would rather drive a bit further and live closer to our old neighborhood. We all loved and missed our old stomping grounds!

This last week in August, our time with The Romano Duo has come to an end. For now, anyway. They will be leaving for Mississippi on September 15th and we moved into our own place this weekend. I’m nearly on the end of town in which I wanted us to live. It’s not exactly what I had envisioned, yet I know this is leading us to the exact perfect home for us.

I spent June, July, and August searching for a home in the Damonte Ranch/Virginia Foothills/Galena area. When I did find something in my price range, it was rented almost immediately after being advertised. I couldn’t get to them fast enough! When I did get there fast enough, it was usually a place with stairs and big open areas. Lillian could hardly stand it inside those particular houses. With her proprioceptive, vestibular, and sensory issues she just couldn’t take it. In one place, she had to stay in the bathroom while I looked around. I couldn’t really move her into a place in which she was not comfortable and one in which caused her such problems.

Bedroom Door! We’ve Claimed It! HA!

In less than one week’s time I viewed, signed the lease for, and moved us into a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 810 square foot condo at The Vintage at South Meadows Condominiums. There was no time left to keep looking. We shall see how many beds one can fit into a 13’10” X 11’10” bedroom. (**Update: I was able to fit one standard size and one queen bed with room for nightstands and dressers!) The grounds are gorgeous with an amazing private lake with a walking path, an awesome pool, and beautiful clubhouse (which can be used privately), and a cozy little movie theater! Not only that. They have a preferred employer program. Teachers get price and fee reductions and perks. YAY for being a substitute teacher! This will certainly be an adventure. There will have to be more purging as there’s no way all our stuff is going to fit into this place!

They Fit!!! Still A Mess With Unpacking! And Still Need Some Rearranging of Dressers.

Was it my plan to move us into such a small place with only ONE bathroom? No, not really. Did I mention there’s only ONE toilet for three people? HA! For several years now, I have been an admirer of Tiny Homes and the Tiny Homes movement. I love the idea and think I could live in one and be happy and content. Every time I’ve talked with Lillian and Thomas about it, they have not liked the idea. So, no, it was not my plan; but the seed was there in my heart to see just how much we could simplify.

Big Mess!! We LOVE it!

Thomas and Lillian observed as I looked for places these past several months along with the worry and frustration at times. When I took them to look at this place, they both loved it and the amenities, and most importantly, were both content and happy with the size of the place. All three of us are very excited about this move.

GREAT Patio!

I’m blessed and grateful that throughout the past 17 years I’ve learned skills and techniques that allow me to see the gift of situation and to know that everything is happening as it should to bring me and my family further clarity, enlightenment, and growth.

View From the Living Area! Trees Through the Window and That’s Our Patio on the Left. So Cool!!

I’m contemplating writing a weekly blog post about our adventures as the plan for now is to live here for one year at the most …. or could be shorter depending on other circumstances.

Let the adventure begin!! (Go here to read about the first week in our tiny space!)

Heartfuly Inspired™,
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