I Am Supposed to Write

I am supposed to write. I know this. I receive signs and messages constantly. I received another sign on Friday when I received an email from one of the largest eastern spiritual blogs in the world asking me to write … Continue reading

Poetry: The Dance of Lillian – Happy 16th Birthday

I’m a month late posting this, yet I promised Lillian that I would write a post dedicated to her …. xoxo The Dance of Lillian She came into this world with her own agenda. She came missing the short arm … Continue reading

The One Thing We Should Be Teaching

This has been Thomas’ first year of homeschooling and Lillian’s third or fourth year. The style of schooling we follow is more like unschooling, interest based, or child-led learning. It’s definitely not traditional homeschooling. Over the past several months I’ve … Continue reading

Wild Child Nature Sessions – Start Noticing Nature

I am facilitating a “Wild Child Nature” program once a week (or every other week) beginning May 25th to continue through Fall 2017 as there is interest. These sessions focus on connecting with nature, creativity, and imagination. Nature connection is … Continue reading

How I Prepare for the New Year

Preparing: January 2 2017: Deep in review of 2016 and coming to a knowing of 2017. Listening to music, eyes closed at times, remembering, reflecting, envisioning. This feels different than any other time in the past. Feels wonderful, feels the … Continue reading

10 Most Popular Posts for 2016

Top 10 Blog Posts With the Most Views (Culled only from 2016 blog posts) Dear Meltdown, Meet My Friend Mindfulness Biggest Little Photographer Arrives – We Did It Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months Photo a Day … Continue reading

A Rapturous Dance With Life

I did it. I did it. I did it. I drove Team TLC 3,400 miles. Thursday, July 7, 2016 through Saturday, July 16, 2016 I drove 3,400 miles roundtrip to attend the Chromosome 18 Conference – Reno, Nevada to San … Continue reading

The Power and Magic of Connected Parenting

This is a long post. So, I’m going to give you the take-away points right now: Take Away Points: Examine and question the way it’s always been done. Ask yourself, “Is that true? Do we have to do it that … Continue reading