Short Story: The Three Gifts

Recently, I opened my email to send a message and in the next few moments, I had landed on this short story I wrote in May 2018. It was adapted from an experience I had in October 2017.

Although I shared the experience in October 2017, I had never shared this version. I landed on it for some reason just now; so sharing with all of you. xoxo

Robert Caney (British, 1847 – 1911 ), Lake Scene with Fairies and Swans, , watercolor and gouache over black chalk on blue-green board, Joseph F. McCrindle Collection 2009.70.70

The Three Gifts

“You are stupid, you are alone, and you have no idea what you are doing.” This is the message that resurfaced and repeated over and over again like a jackhammer breaking concrete. The year 2017 had thus far been a turbulent one of stirring the pot of childhood memories. In her forty-seventh year of life, she found herself stuck repeating unhealthy and fearful patterns that kept her from living the life of which she was worthy and deserving.

She had adopted a meditation practice ten years earlier as she felt called to incorporate this into her life. It was during one such meditation session that she received three messages which eventually led to freedom from the past.

One December evening as she gently opened her eyes from a deep meditation, she saw three ghost like figures draped in delicate sheer muslin.

She slowly stood and with thinly veiled fear she approached the first figure which loomed tall and broad. With her mind and heart, she asked what it had to impart to her.

From deep within her heart, she felt an intuitive knowing that in order to learn the message she must lift the muslin from the larger than life figure. The fear had welled to a point where she knew if something didn’t happen to halt it, the anxiety would overtake her mind.

With trembling hands she delicately and slowly lifted the muslin. With utter surprise and sheer awe she saw that the figure held the message of strength and was only patiently waiting for her to retrieve this gift. She saw this with her mind and heart for this was not a message one could see with the eyes.

The figure handed her a small black cube which she instinctively knew was to be absorbed by her entire body. She heard with her mind, and not her ears, the following message: “For I will be your strength. It is I who move you to take action that you know not why you are moved to take. This cube represents the strength that has always been within your heart.”

A lifetime of emotional neglect, abandonment, and betrayal had ingrained within her that she was not strong and should not advocate for what she believed in her heart. By absorbing the gifted cube, she would release all that she had boxed within. She felt like a rehabilitated animal set free into the wilds of its natural habitat. She claimed this gift of strength and knew it would never leave her.

With conviction she approached the next figure which had an air of complexity and wisdom. With much less timid hands she lifted the muslin. This figure revealed to her how deep judgments about life, other beings, and nature had been encoded in her DNA.

The figure lifted a nearly transparent hand to reveal a bronze colored pendant in the shape of a heart. She knew she was to absorb this within so as to melt the misguided judgments about life, other beings, and nature.

She claimed this gift of enlightenment and knew it to be the way to live one’s life upon this Earth.

With deepened confidence she approached the last figure which felt feminine and nurturing. As she approached she could already feel the weight of this message and the knowing it would impart.

She slowly lifted the muslin. What met her eyes was a history of angry peoples who fought one another with a mighty and violent force.

With two nearly transparent hands the figure reached into her chest and extracted a heart that was alive with nature. All of nature was contained within this heart.

She again instinctively knew she was to absorb the heart into her own. She would be among those who live life differently. She would not live an angry life and would not fight with a mighty and violent hand.

She is to meet all of life with love, she is to meet all experiences with love, all that life presents so that she can move forward in life’s journey with love.

Not only that she is to be a friend and protector of trees and nature. She is to meet injustice done to trees and nature with love and peace knowing that those who cause harm know not what they do.

She claimed this gift of love and knew the bond it contained and created with nature and all of life. She knew in her heart and soul that she had been given her life back. A life that began to be taken from her as a small young one in this life. Yet, much farther back in another life. It was time. She was ready to accept these gifts, ready to have the veil of illusion lifted once and for all.

With each message received, the delivering figure faded into the shadows of the dimly lit room. She was left alone with the gifts received. Yet, she did not feel alone. What she felt was a palpable air of love and peace.

Before this experience it felt as if her heart had been a dry well, empty of love for an eternity. Now, after the encounter with the muslin covered figures, she knew and felt her heart had been quenched and drenched with a liquid love that ever replenishes each time she communes with nature.

She exited the meditation room having been healed and with an air of courage, peace, and knowing to live the life she was meant to live.

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