Monday Night Poetry With the Healing Vibes of Nature

June 13 2023

It was music and poetry last night. Good times! 🖤

June 16 2023

Began the walk this morning deep in the blues. Walks, nature, and music are my go to when I’m processing sadness and hurt. I fell asleep last night to liquid love leaking from my eyes, and woke the same. I could really use a hug. Human touch from kindred spirits is something I have missed all these years.

I’m feeling better after the walk, getting sweaty, feeling the breeze against my skin, looking at the gorgeous sky, flowers, and trees, listening to some sad music, listening to some uplifting music.

I know it will return until I’m finished processing it, along with trying not to be harsh with myself. Like the ocean with her waves it seems to hit the hardest at night. Is that how it is for anyone else? Or is that just me?

Off to shower and then taking Thomas clothes shopping. Wish us luck! I have no sense of style other than black. Is it black? Yes, okay. It’s halfway to purchased. Just need to see how it looks on me. 🤣💋🖤💋🤣

Inspired Living: Storm Excitement


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Loud thunderstorm and lightening storm adventures …. with big fat raindrops = Thomas and Lillian sitting on the floor watching and talking to the storm fairies! Blessed by their excitement! The amazing sunset that followed the lightening and thunderstorm ….. … Continue reading

Inspired Living: Two Blessings

It got really quiet while I was cooking dinner tonight (8.19.13). I went outside looking for Thomas and Lillian and found them under this beautiful sky, sitting and reading together …. I’m so HappY and blessed I get to be their Mom!

Mindful Living: Oneness with Nature

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein

He says to me, “Come quick. It’s almost gone. Come tell the sun goodnight!” I quickly head over, peak my head out the door and tell the sun goodnight. A few minutes later I peak my head out again to tell him dinner is ready. When he comes closer I notice tears streaming down his face and he keeps saying “I’m so happy”. I tell him it’s okay to cry when you are happy. That’s good stuff.

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. -William Shakespeare

He tells me he just loves nature and it makes him feel so good and makes him so happy but he also feels ashamed about that. I asked him why he feels ashamed about it. He says he doesn’t think other people feel the same way as he does and he is the only one. First, I tell him it doesn’t matter if anyone else in the Universe feels this way, that does not make it wrong. I tell him that if it makes him feel this good and happy, that’s all that matters. It is the right thing when it brings out these feelings. We don’t define what is right and wrong for us according to other people’s opinions. Next, I let him know he is not alone in feeling this. I said you’ve got someone sitting right here next to you who feels the same way …. ME. Plus, I know bunches of other people who feel this way too. You are not alone. Yet, also remember that it wouldn’t matter if  you were ….

He asked why it feels so good? I told him he is feeling his oneness with nature. The knowing that we and nature are connected. I explained how amazing and awesome it is that he is feeling and recognizing this at so young an age. There are so many people who live their whole lives and never know this feeling. I feel many of us knew this feeling as children, but we lost it along the way. Then, there are people like me in their 40’s who are just NOW feeling it and realizing it (or remembering the feeling from childhood). I said my wish for him is that he never forgets this feeling and carries it with him always.

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher. -William Wordsworth 

The “He” in this post is my 7 year old son, Thomas. He has given me permission to share this with all of you.

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Nourish the Soul

This past Tuesday, it was time to nourish my soul …. I went for a walk and sat for a while …

As the butterfly swoops by, as the last remaining leaves rustle, as the sounds drift by, as the sun shares it’s warmth with me, as the soft breeze cools my face…

Pondering, accepting, releasing …. Soaking it in ….

As we choose to believe we must always be “doing” so hard and “doing” so much and choose to believe in lack and that we need something or someone to make us happy, the belief and obsession to have more and more ….

All we need do is return to nature so as to feel and see and know the abundance that surrounds us …. The abundance that is ours once we choose to live a true and authentic life.

Peace is ours once we discontinue to identify with what we have and what we accomplish. The search for this peace is a worthwhile quest. Knowing that we are valuable just because we ARE and not believing that we are valuable only when we have accomplished something … This is a concept that brings instant peace when we truly grasp it and live our life knowing this.

Add the ingredient of resilience …

Add the fortitude to stay true to this thought pattern when old negative thoughts and thought patterns rear their ugly head …. AND

Joy, Happiness, Contentment and Peace is OURS.

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“You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. Enthusiasm is the spark in your eye, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of your will and energy to execute your ideas . . . Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress!” Henry Ford

May each of you let your enthusiasm shine today!!

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