Monday Night Poetry With the Healing Vibes of Nature

June 13 2023

It was music and poetry last night. Good times! 🖤

June 16 2023

Began the walk this morning deep in the blues. Walks, nature, and music are my go to when I’m processing sadness and hurt. I fell asleep last night to liquid love leaking from my eyes, and woke the same. I could really use a hug. Human touch from kindred spirits is something I have missed all these years.

I’m feeling better after the walk, getting sweaty, feeling the breeze against my skin, looking at the gorgeous sky, flowers, and trees, listening to some sad music, listening to some uplifting music.

I know it will return until I’m finished processing it, along with trying not to be harsh with myself. Like the ocean with her waves it seems to hit the hardest at night. Is that how it is for anyone else? Or is that just me?

Off to shower and then taking Thomas clothes shopping. Wish us luck! I have no sense of style other than black. Is it black? Yes, okay. It’s halfway to purchased. Just need to see how it looks on me. 🤣💋🖤💋🤣

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