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No matter who you are, no matter what your age, no matter your religion or non-religion, no matter your race, no matter your gender, no matter your financial situation and no matter your different abilities; YOU have a song within you to share with humanity.

We reconnect with our purpose, our song, and the reason we are here when we stop striving, worrying and living an outer based life. We align with clarity when we take the time to experience quiet and silence – outside of ourselves and within our minds. We experience peace and align with wisdom when we take the time to let nature inspire us, truly aligning with nature.

We must reach a point where we realize that we are not our body. Our body simply houses who we are … our soul. That soul is LOVE and has a connection with every other soul walking or wheeling around in other bodies. Our body is exactly the body we need to realize our purpose in life and to sing our song. Each of us was created perfectly, no matter our abilities or the way we look or speak. Some of us have chosen to not care for and take proper care of our bodies. It is never too late to turn that around and begin taking care of the body that houses ones soul.

Believe me. I realize and get that this is not easy. I write from firsthand experience. Getting back to our true self and purpose may be one of the most difficult tasks we will ever embark upon. Yet it is the absolute most rewarding accomplishment we will ever experience. I began the journey to reconnect with my true self in 1997 and have ventured deep within these past six (6) months to gain clarity, strength and wisdom.

It’s certainly not been easy as I struggled against the flow of life at times … I now know I am to take the path of least resistance … rowing my own boat, gently down the stream, being merry and creating my dream of being an inspiration to others by sharing my life experiences and what I learn to help people to view life differently and live an inspired life. I haven’t always known this is my purpose. Yet, I haven’t been afraid to explore. I am and have been open to and embrace the unknown and uncertainty.

Just as each bird looks different and sings a different song, each one of us has a unique and different song. Some of us know and have always known our purpose. Others of us were created in such a way as to forget our song. I believe this is as it was meant to happen so that we could have experiences that would lead us back to our purpose. Experiences that bring us back to our soul, reconnects us with compassion, non-judgment, innocence and authenticity.

Here are a several steps to get you started should you choose to travel this path:

  1. You must believe that every one of us has a purpose to be fulfilled and accept that you have a unique purpose. Pray, meditate, use affirmations .. whatever your technique … to be aligned with your purpose.
  2. Begin to incorporate quiet time into every day. Start small if you must. Ten or fifteen minutes of sitting outside. Listen to the sounds of nature, smell the air, feel the breeze. Once you really experience this, you will want more of it and realize that this will bring you clarity and healing should you need it.
  3. Know that everything we experience, whether labeled as good or bad, has been brought into our life for a reason. Practice becoming quiet during the middle of “bad” experiences to align with what you are to learn from this experience. See these situations as an opportunity to grow and take your life to another level.
  4. Begin to have awareness regarding what you put into your body and onto your body as items we use on our bodies are soaked in through the skin. Really read the ingredients and look at the sugar content. Don’t be fooled by the word “Natural” stamped on the front of packages. Read the fine print. Many times the confusion and overwhelm we experience are due to what we choose to nourish our body with. Start to think about eating intuitively. Are you eating because you are hungry or because of your emotions? How will what you are about to eat make you feel afterwards? Read the book Intuitive Eating, 3rd Edition or listen to the audio book Intuitive Eating: A Practical Guide to Make Peace with Food, Free Yourself from Chronic Dieting, Reach Your Natural Weight (amazon affiliate link).

Begin to practice these and see if you notice a difference and discover if it has a positive impact on your life and reconnecting with your purpose. Have FUN!

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