The Gift from Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake with Mount Tallac

I took a trip to South Lake Tahoe the weekend of January 18, 2013. This was a much needed trip to refill my cup and infuse my soul and spend time with a very dear and loved friend.

While in South Lake Tahoe, we visited Fallen Leaf Lake with Mount Tallac by her side. On Sunday I drove home the long way so that I could make little stops along the way and soak in the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake along with Mount Tallac and Lake Tahoe brought me to tears and I felt as if they whispered to me,

Come sit by my side wise one. Feel my power and energy.

As you sit next to me, feel yourself relax. Release all that is not for your higher good. Release judgment and fears.

As we sit together, I heal and am filled with peace and joy. I was inspired to write the following …

Earth Dance

As the sun’s rays dance upon you like stars twinkling in the night sky, so shall our souls dance upon this Earth.

As you are who you are with ease, so shall we no longer struggle to be who we are.

As you adjust to the World around you without struggle, so shall we go with the flow of life.

As you release your beauty, power, and love for us to enjoy and learn from, so shall we drop the facade of our bodies and identifying with materialism and what we’ve accomplished …

And so shall we become vessels of love, joy and peace.

Fallen Leaf Lake and Mount Tallac

Fallen Leaf Lake and Mount Tallac

Hidden Beach ... Lake Tahoe

Thank you Fallen Leaf Lake, Mount Tallac and Lake Tahoe. And, thank you to a very dear sweet friend for inviting me to South Lake Tahoe. If you had not invited me, I would not have gotten to experience such beauty …. Love you to pieces!! Thank you!!!

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  1. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  2. Camilla,
    I like you have been deeply touched & enriched by Wayne Dyer. I have friends who are Dyer devotees! I did not share their enthusiasm. I thought he was “way off course”. Needless to say I was really right! He was off the map haha

  3. Hey Carolyn (aka Sunshine)!!! Absolutely. If I had been exposed to his material at any point before that encounter I would have dismissed it and not understood. The process and synchronistic moments keep me in awe and full of gratitude. My love of humanity, all beings, and nature continues to blossom. Oceans of love to you! One of my favorite songs is “I Can See Clearly Now” ..

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