Throwback Post: These Can Be Anything You Can Imagine


October 5 2015:

Cooked spaghetti squash tonight. Thomas liked it so much he wanted to eat the skin! Can’t wait for him to taste butternut squash.

Then we went for an after dinner walk. Thomas says, “This is so fun. These rocks can be anything you can imagine.” We found a love seat for 3, the helm of a ship, a castle, a bed, chairs, and tables. xoxo

Book Musings: Awakened Imagination by Neville

…. Rivers, Mountains, Cities, Villages,
All are Human, & when you enter into
their Bosoms you walk
In Heavens & Earths, as in your own
Bosom you bear your Heaven
And Earth & all you behold; tho’ it
appears Without, it is Within,
In your Imagination, of which this World
of Mortality is but a Shadow.
William Blake

I discovered this absolute gem of a book, Awakened Imagination/the Search (amazon affiliate link), by Neville, in the used book store. I had heard the name Neville mentioned by Wayne Dyer in his audio, Making the Shift: How to Live Your True Divine Purpose (amazon affiliate link).

It’s a quick read at only 94 pages. Awakened Imagination is best read without interruption or distraction and some place quiet. Yes, it is deep, deep, deep. If I had tried to read the book before this year, I may have been scratching my head. That’s the beauty of these types of books. If we don’t get it the first time around, we stick it back on our shelf and pull it out again later.

Definitely an enlightening book about our imagination and how it is the creator of our World. I enthusiastically suggest getting this one when you have the opportunity. If it leaves you scratching your head, just put it on your bookshelf and pull it out again 6 months or a year from now. Have fun!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Albert Einstein

Taste the Wind

(This post is part of an “I Dare You” series. Go here to see the “Dare” post that began the series and here for the most recent “Dare” post.)

Have you ever tasted the wind? I did for the first time this afternoon, Thursday, April 18, 2013! My 7 year old son, Thomas, and I went for a walk today. He’s doing this and I ask him what he’s doing. “I’m tasting the wind. Try it Mom. What’s it taste like to you?” Tasted like ….. Not gonna tell ya! I dare YOU to go outside and taste the wind!! Hopefully Thomas has started a wind tasting adventure y’all!!!

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“I’m having so much fun I wish I could stay 5 years old forever!”Thomas Darnell

We only get each day ONE time – no do overs allowed! Might as well enjoy the heck out of em! Hope each of y’all takes an opportunity today to have the imagination of a 5 year old!!