Decisions from the Gut

I had the honor and privilege of being at the eWomenNetwork Dinner event last Wednesday, May 18, 2011 and we had a fabulous speaker, Mary Goulet.  Her presentation was about making decisions and using our gut to make those decisions rather than our head or our heart. Ms. Goulet’s presentation was extremely meaningful to me and hit home.

I purchased her book, Go With Your Gut!; which is the perfect size and a quick read.  Had it read in two days.  I’m sure it could be read in one or two hours if one has the time to sit and read it straight through.

Ms. Goulet’s message is so simple; but many times very difficult for us to get out of our head and make decisions using our gut.  That first thought we have that tells us “Do it this way”, “Make the call now”, “Do it now”, “No, don’t do it” and the like.  I realized that I make many of my decisions using my gut and THEN come back a few minutes later or days later and get stuck in my head about that decision.  “What if”, “But”, “How”, “Why” and “What will they think”.

I recently made a huge and important decision regarding my daughter, Lillian, and her schooling situation.  I knew what my gut decision was right from the beginning.  “Do it.”  “It’s the right thing.”  This was at least two months ago and I still find myself, well, arguing with myself about the decision I made. ” What are you going to do about this? How are you going to handle this?  But, what about this?”  I think I’ll save what led to this decision and our school plans for next year for another post.

I highly recommend Go with Your Gut! (amazon affiliate link) for anyone who is interested in the differences in making decisions with our heart, with our head and with our gut.  Ms. Goulet gives excellent descriptions of how to recognize when we are using our heart, head or gut.  Plain and simple, I felt empowered after hearing her speak and especially after reading her book.

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