Poetry and Photography: Liberate This Soul

Cloud Dancing with Full Moon 2017

She was tired.
Tired of trying to figure it out.

Tired of trying to make things work.
Tired of manipulating circumstances
to make things work.
Tired of trying to control situations to make things work.

Tired of living in confusion.
Tired of the suffering
created by way of her thoughts.

Tired of the chains that
bound her to the suffering.
Tired of dragging those
invisible chains through life.

Tired of not loving herself.
Tired of not being loved.
Tired of the responsibility of it all.

Tired of questioning her every decision.
Tired of hiding the Truth from herself.
Tired of running from her own self.

Tied of the darkness within.
Tired of the pull of the ego.

What she craved.
What she desperately …..

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Liberation by Camilla Downs

“When we resist change, it’s called suffering.” -Pema Chodron

When I shared this poem a friend shared this quote. When I first read the quote, I thought, “I’m not resisting any change. There’s absolutely no change happening in my life.”

Then I thought about it more. It’s true there is no outside change occurring for me. Yet, good golly, there’s tons of internal change. And there was my aha moment. Resisting the change to let it all go. All the control. All the manipulation. All the likes and dislikes. Let it all go. Surrender and allow what will happen naturally if “I” get out of the way.

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