Fragrance of Lilac – Rock Art

Lilac Painted Rock May 2016

The Fragrance of Lilac

The fragrance you release is light, colorful, and full of joy.
I stand next to you
I lean in closer
I gently wrap my hand around you
I pull you close
I breathe in and am transported to the heavens within us both.
I smile.
I slowly release you and pull away.
And I saunter away remembering and knowing.
Your fragrance, my fragrance.
We are both love. ~Camilla Downs May 2016

Fragrance of Lilac Poem #1 5.2016

Poem handwritten and displayed on recycled materials, decorated with recycled materials and ready to hang. This one is sold, yet, my intuition is to make a few more. We’ll see how it feels after that. If you’d like to know when more are available, comment here or email to camilladowns @ gmail . com .


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