17 Easy and Free Ideas on How to Rejuvenate Yourself

I know I’m not alone in having those times (far too many) when my shoulders and neck have made themselves at home nestled right under my ears. Now, although my shoulders may be happy there, the tension this creates is not happy news for me and my brain!!

I also know I’m not alone in having zero to very low funds to invest in rejuvenating activities so I’ve put together this easy and free list in the hopes that you find a thing or two that works for you.

    1. Laugh!
    2. SMILE … even when you don’t feel like it … smile especially at those you love.
    3. Feeling overwhelmed, angry or sad? Take deep breaths and drink a big glass of water.
    4. Step outside for a few minutes of fresh air.
    5. Turn on your favorite music and DANCE for a few minutes … or more!
    6. Go outside and gaze at the moon and stars.
    7. Clean for a few minutes … this ONLY works if you clear your mind and solely think about your task at hand.
    8. Keep a Happiness and/or Gratitude Log … Whenever you have a few minutes write in it …
    9. If you have a flower garden, step outside and SMELL THE FLOWERS!! Smell them, touch them and admire them. Think about ONLY the flowers.
    10. Spend a lot of time in your car? Listen to inspirational audio recordings. Better yet … make your own, recorded in your own voice.
    11. Stop and stretch for a few minutes. Stretch your arms to the sky, bend over and touch the floor. Open your arms wide and stretch.
    12. In the thick of an unpleasant situation, say to yourself, “I am forever undisturbed.” This helps to create a buffer between you and whatever is happening.
    13. After everyone’s in bed, instead of escaping with television drama, try this instead … read 10 or more pages in an inspirational, self-help or humorous book.
    14. When a friend or family member gives you a break to run errands or go to appointments for yourself, build in an extra 10 minutes. Go for a quiet walk with those 10 minutes. Sometimes a 10 minute walk is all you need to recharge.
    15. While waiting in lines, try not to read the tabloid headlines. Take deep belly breaths. Release all worries, thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow … completely empty your mind with each exhale. Do this at least 3 times. Next, breathe in peace and joy. Think of yourself as a sponge soaking it in.
    16. While waiting for your child at appointments, try not to sit in the lobby. Go sit in your car or outside somewhere. Use all of your senses. Just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. Feel the breeze or the rain or the grass. Look around you and think about only what you see. Do you see flowers or trees? Think about the shape and color of the flower and/or tree and whether it’s smooth or rough, etc.
    17. Print this list and keep it in your purse and your car …

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Now that you have a starter list, add your own ideas and personalize this list. Be creative and have fun with it. What do you think? See some on this list you plan on trying right away? Please share your thoughts for easy and free ideas for rejuvenation!!

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