30 Day Giving Journey – As It Unfolds – Week 1

First, let me clarify that this Giving Journey is not about neglecting myself and my needs and putting others first. This has EVERYTHING to do with taking care of myself. I am ready to receive the good that I deserve. Yet, how can I receive if I am not giving. I AM ready to receive so therefore I am giving and serving … 🙂

Also, let me explain how I’m keeping myself on track with my 30 Day Giving Journey. Any time my thoughts begin to wander to the past, the future, what if, how, why; I shift my thoughts to the following (or something similar): “I am an instrument of giving and service.” I change it up and add to it whatever quality I’m needing in that particular moment. Think it’s silly? Those who have gone this path before me and those who are willing to try it, know the absolute power of taking control of our own thoughts and how it will dramatically change our lives. I don’t plan on writing about every single day. Just those where a significant event or shift occurred. Here we go … YeeeHaawww!

Day 1: October 15, 2012, Monday: Today I engaged in a conversation with another Mom. She shared she’s feeling stuck, not knowing what her passion is. She knows what she’s good at but is lacking in feeling the passion and purpose of her life. I got the feeling she knows what her passion is but is fighting going with it and I also sensed she doesn’t fully accept her worth and what she has to offer. So many of us were raised not being taught that we are worthy and we have a gift and a purpose to share with society. Money seemed to be put at the top of the priority list instead of doing what is our passion to make that money. Yes, we’ve got to have money to house, feed, and clothe ourselves and our families. Why on Earth is it frowned upon to use talents we have been gifted with and things we are passionate about to earn that money?

I shared my thoughts that maybe she would want to use what she’s good at to help other women realize their worth, to help make them feel good about themselves. We chatted for 30 minutes about this, parenting, being in the present moment with our kids and the difference in their behavior and attitude when we are present for them. We seemed to be in our own little bubble, oblivious to the other people in the room with us and all that was going on. When we parted she thanked me and we gave each other a nice warm hug. Hopefully, our time chatting together helped her, even if it’s only a small little ole shift! I know I benefitted from our talk. I understand more that it doesn’t matter what your talents, gifts, and passions are. You can use them to benefit society …

**Update** I received an email from this Mom that I had inspired her to begin blogging again! YAY!!! You just never know where it will lead when you share yourself and kindness with others!!

Day 3: October 17, 2012, Wednesday: I met an old friend today for breakfast to catch each other up on what’s happening in our lives. I met Terry back in 2007. She was one of the first people I met in Reno. Terry had just authored and published the book, The Secret of the Wizard’s Wand (Book One) (amazon affiliate link), and we met for coffee to talk about that and introduce ourselves to one another. We instantly took a liking to one another as we had travelled and were travelling similar paths and held similar views and beliefs. As I was updating Terry on my book, the Special Needs Life Coaching certification and a few other adventures she was quite moved and she and I felt a very strong connection.

Terry began to update me on her situation. She had taken on a full time job at The Human Behavior Institute … Terry is a family/marriage therapist. Terry was explaining about PSR (psycho social rehabilitation) contract workers and what their function is as part of the team. I was looking at Terry and our eyes met as she was explaining this. She stopped and said, “Are you interested in being a contractor?” I said, “YES!”. PSR’s work as a team with the therapist helping families .. some with special needs kids, some with children with mental health issues. These families are “broken” and need solid, loving, parenting modeled to them and guidance in understanding and accepting themselves and their children. Terry and I continued chatting just giddy with ourselves and the situation.The road had just been paved for my helping the very families that it is my purpose to help … the missing link … the road that will bring the next level of my journey! And, on my own terms as a contractor … Not an employee! Talk about WOW!!! The amazing power of controlling our thoughts just leaves me speechless and in awe …. 

Day 4: October 18, 2012, Thursday: Today was a low energy day. I wobbled a bit on my giving journey. I found it difficult to bring my thoughts back to me being an instrument of giving and service. I actually had to go back and revisit “acceptance” into my thoughts. I just wasn’t “there” for my kids. Now, don’t worry, I’m not beating myself up about it. I will apologize to Thomas and Lillian and simply go forward. I think it’s enough that we recognize when we’ve taken a step backwards, acknowledge it and then keep on keepin on!

Day 5: October 19, 2012, Friday: I met with my friend Terry this morning at the Human Behavior Institute along with one of the clinicians. Terry is the friend I had breakfast with Wednesday morning. The conversation that was full of synchronicity and magic! We were talking further about me doing contract work for them in the role of PSR – psycho social rehabilitation. This is working directly with special needs kids and those with mental health issues and their families. As I sat there in my friend Terry’s office, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was sitting there for a purpose. I did not waiver an inch on that feeling.

I have wanted to help people ever since I was a little girl and I am finally allowing myself to travel the path that is my purpose. Does this give anyone else goose bumps? Why would it? Well, just a few weeks ago I opened up and decided I was ready to receive, ready to receive the good that I deserve and that is actually already mine. This past Monday, I began my 30 Day Journey of Giving and on Wednesday the road for my giving was paved when Terry and I met for breakfast. A breakfast that we thought was just to catch up with each other.

There’s even more to it than what’s on the surface. The women I’ll be working with as a team, Terry as the therapist, and the other clinician have a very similar belief system as myself and view life similar to the way I view it. I will be working as a team to help mend these very broken families. I believe that every time we help at least one person to know their worth, believe that they are worthy, and to help them shift their way of viewing life; we help society as a whole. Let this part of my Journey begin!!!

**On the way home from my meeting, I stopped by a grocery store and left this book in the restroom for someone. The note says, “This book is for you if you are searching for joy and fulfillment. Take the book.”

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