Poetry: The Age of Pleasure

February 10 2024

Written June 2023

The Age of Pleasure

Since the time she was a teen,
Fast and intense
Have been the path
For relationships, friendships or otherwise.

Born from messages
Received as a child
Taught, learned, observed,
taken as her own
Not seen,
Not important,
Her heart’s desires not honored.

At the young age that she is
She’s determined
To drain these old wounds
This old trauma.

She no longer wishes to live
This life from things
That happened to her as a child
Things that were done to her as a child
And the emotional presence withheld from her as a child.

With the help of a bad ass therapist
She’s doing it differently
She’s approaching relationships with fresh eyes.

Relationships in her teens and 20’s
Happened incredibly fast, unhealthy,
Withering on the vine of life.

She has learned that the part of her
That is impatient, wanting fast results
Fast results that make her feel important, seen, wanted, desired
All that nonsense is from her past, yet if feels familiar

And part of her still had been craving that,
The part operating from trauma.
She recognizes this now
And declares, “No fucking more!”

This declaration brings with it

And Freedom’s just another word
For Nothing Left to Lose.

This is the time for new beginnings
The time for doing it differently
Meeting life in this moment
Not from hurts or trauma of the past
Not with biased future visions
Fully meeting this moment.
The Age of Pleasure.

New connections, built slowly, with patience
With intention, with authenticity, with clarity.

Connections with kindred spirits
Ready to have fun together
Ready to share joy together
Ready to share sadness together
Ready to share all the feels together
Ready to share the ride of getting
To know one another.

Sweet friendships
Sweet connections
Sweet lovers
Sweet partners
Born of patience, honesty, openness.

Although there will be jolts
Of falling into the ways of old
She will know the difference of
Responding to old shit
And responding to the dopamine hit
Of kindred spirit connections
When of the latter
She will fully meet that moment
With wild abandon.

She’s decided to be in this moment
On its way, slow and gentle
Or fast and intense

While at the same time, holding space for those who aren’t yet ready

May those who are ready saunter on board
This Meeting of the Moment
As we sail into the mystic. – Camilla Downs

June 13 2023

**You’re 50’s**

Poetry and Photography: Whisperings of the Heart

Pink Flowers Whisperings of the Heart October 2017

The heart whispers secrets
Try not to hear it you do.

Continuing to be in this life’s game
Following the rules, filling out the papers,
conforming to the this-is-the-way-it’s-done norms.
Too busy for interruption
to hear the gentle whisperings of the heart.

Yet, the whisperings never quiet fully.
They are there.
The whisperings are ever delivered
with love and gentleness.

The whisperings of the heart judge not.
The whisperings of the heart
are patient and steady.

Ever so gently the whisperings continue
to impart the truth of one’s soul.

At times the whisperings grow louder
At times they are heard with deeper clarity.

In youth the whisperings were strong
and vibrant with a deep knowing.

As the years passed the whisperings
were quieted by the outside world.

As the seconds pass
as the minutes pass
as the hours pass
as the days pass
as the months pass
as the years pass
as the decades pass

Ever faithful and resilient
the whisperings settle into the
unconditional love of ones heart.

Awaiting the precious time
to once again whisper the
knowings of ones soul.

That time does indeed arrive.
Uninvited, invited,
unexpected, expected.
With struggle, with joy
With peace, with pain.
Yet, it does arrive.

The veil of illusion
begins to lift.
The whisperings of the heart
awaken to the light allowed
to penetrate.

Begin to listen, one does.
Listen with clarity.
Listen with knowing.
Listen with deep understanding.
Begin to take action, one does.

Yet, many times still ignoring
the whisperings of the heart.
The pull of the way life is
supposed to BE lived is strong.

It arrives.
It brings enlightenment.
The day of realizing the
whisperings of heart
bears the key
to one’s freedom to live
and serve as one has always known
one was meant to BE.

Free to sing the song
of one’s soul.
Free to step out of the
board game of conformity
Free to shine the Pure Light
the whisperings of the heart
have always shone from within.

Free to share Divine
Unconditional love
to all beings.
Free to listen and live
the whisperings of the heart.
-©2017 Camilla Downs


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