Mindful Living: Embrace It And Feel So Alive

(I created this doodle drawing back in March 2014 after watching the movie Deja Vu
with Vanessa Redgrave. Hope y’all enjoy it!)

What gives you the greatest joy? What makes your entire body buzz with an aliveness when you are doing it? What fills your mind and moves your imagination to dance with creativity?

Whatever it is, embrace it. What does that mean? The best way to explain that is to explain what not to do. Don’t push against what you don’t want. When you stop pushing against what you don’t want, the way will be cleared for what you DO want.

  • Feeling tired? Don’t focus your thoughts on NOT wanting to be tired. Instead accept your tiredness, relax into it, be kind to it. This is your body speaking to you. Listen. Don’t argue. Before you know it, your energy will have returned.
  • Feeling confused? Same process. Accept that you are confused. Relax into it. Perhaps you are confused due to pushing against and focusing on something you don’t want. Once the confusion is accepted, clarity will return shortly thereafter.
  • Stuck in a state of lack? Once again, follow the same process. Don’t push against the lack. Instead see it as just is. See it as where you are supposed to be in this moment in time. Accept it. When we push against something, we focus on that “something” and bring more of it into our life. As we choose to accept these “somethings” just as we accept that the wind blows sometimes, these “somethings” dissolve.

Is there something that you would like to embrace that your aren’t? Is there something you’re pushing against that perhaps should be accepted to make way for what you DO want?

**Note: WOW! I opened this “new post” to share with y’all a new development in my life and the above is what came flying out of me and my fingers! So …. I’ll click the ole “new post” button again and share about my love of landscape photography and being Heartfuly Inspired in a future post!

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