Holding Space …… with Love

As I swiftly walked by the fountain one cold and frosty morning this past March, I was stopped in my tracks. Nature is the most incredible artist. The beauty of these leaves suspended and frozen for a moment in time, captured my heart.

And … I did spot a heart shaped leaf. Beautiful!!

I mean. Just had to give the heart shaped leaf it’s own post. The lil frozen bubbles, the green leaf down below, the frozen ripples, sections partially free from the frozen water. Ahhhhh ….

Seeing these beautiful frozen leaves helped bring clarity to something I was in the midst of …

When it’s my own internal struggles and turbulence I have learned to lean into it, be with it, and try to remember to keep love at the forefront of whatever it is.

What I have not learned is how to do this when someone I love dearly is struggling and I don’t have clarity about how to help them and feel deeply inadequate for the task. Especially when there are two someones struggling. And, sometimes, struggling at the same time.

This is what lies at the forefront of the current journey. It’s definitely not a pleasant place to be. Yet, offers much opportunity to continue to move through one’s own journey while at the same time holding space for those closest to you as they travel their own journey.


As I am posting this near the end of May, I have moved somewhat beyond this. I say somewhat, as when in a close relationship with others, this seems to be an inevitable place to be at some point. The place of not knowing how to help and holding space for oneself, as well as others.

Aren’t these frozen leaves absolutely magical and gorgeous??


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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