An Afternoon of Chocolate and Speculoos Cookies

December 31 2022

It was a fun afternoon yesterday. My friend Jessica and her husband Martin are visiting from The Netherlands.

We had a lovely chat while sharing coffee, hot chocolate, speculoos cookies, and chocolate. An afternoon overflowing with treats!

Jessica hand delivered the portrait she made of Team TLC along with a few delicious goodies. ❤️❤️❤️

Mindful Living: Friendship Is Magic

Friendship is Magic

I do not judge for decisions you make
I have lived through similar experiences as you
I made different choices than you
I do not understand choices made by you, that is not for me to understand
I do not judge as I do not walk in your shoes
I am your friend

I see you openly peeling back layers of your outer self to reveal your inner self
I see you take steps forward, shining your beautiful light and love for all
I see you take steps backward, withdrawing into the comfortable habits and ways of thinking
I see you trying to understand the silence of friendships that are no longer, that is not for you to understand
I am your friend

Yes, I am your friend
I love you
I support and encourage you
You are YOU and on your OWN journey
You choose to do it different
You choose not to do it the way others would do it
You are YOU and I am your friend

I am your friend
I see YOU, not the concept of you
I love you unconditionally.

Do you have a friend you would like to share this with? Please share with all my love and all your love. I would love to hear about friendship poems or quotes that move you! Go here to share your comments.

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