Movie Musings: Parents and Fireflies and Writers


The Parent Trap Movie 2012

My choice: The Parent Trap – Loved by all of us – lots of laughter!

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Grave of the Fireflies Movie 1.15.17

Thomas’ choice: “Grave of the Fireflies”

Thomas says, “Not what I was expecting. It was sad.”

Lillian says, “Sad, yet had good parts and interesting songs.”

I say, “Quite emotional. A young boy trying his best to care for he and his younger sister. Causes one to think of and know what’s truly important in this life.”

Finding Forrester Movie 2017

Camilla’s choice – “Finding Forrester”

I say, “I love this story. ‘The first key to writing is just to write! Write from the heart. Review with the head.’ I love this story! Oh. Did I say, I love this story. I could have done with a lot less inappropriate language, yet, I understand it was representative of the characters.”

Thomas says, “Good movie. I liked it a lot. Funny in some parts, suspenseful, liked the characters. Really liked that Forrester wears his socks inside out due to the seams on the inside. I agree and wear my socks inside out. The people who make socks make them wrong.”

Lillian says, “Good, awesome, and my favorite part was near the end. I liked it!”


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