Movie Musings: Gardens and Bells and Kindness

Back to the Secret Garden Movie Night 2013

April 2013 Movie Night:

“Back to the Secret Garden” (amazon affiliate link)  … Indeed a magical place … We loved it!

The Bells of St Mary's Movie Night April 2014

“The Bells of St. Mary’s” (amazon affiliate link) ….

“In the land of beginning again where the sky is always blue” ….. What a great movie! All team members say “Yes, we like it!”

Sugihara Movie Night April 2016

Sugihara – Conspiracy of Kindness  (amazon affiliate link) …

I say, “Incredible man. Incredible story.” …. “Do what’s right because it’s right. Not what you’ll get in return. Just do what’s right.” ~Chiune Sugihara …”If you saved the life of one person, it’s as if you saved the whole world.” ~Jewish Proverb ….

Lillian says, “Good, emotional, incredible, and educational.” Thomas says, “Good, meaningful, inspirational, interesting, and I liked the interviews.”


Team TLC

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