Throwback Post: The Bones I Drag Home


June 10 2018:

My heart overflows with gratitude to all of you for cheering me on and supporting me with the bones I drag home!! It means more than could ever be expressed with mere words and IS the fuel that keeps me going during times of discouragement.

Thank you for getting it and thank you for knowing that your comments, likes, shares, and cheers light my world when I need it and even when I don’t need it.

This “thank you” was sparked by the attached passage I read this morning in a book titled, Walking in This World by Julia Cameron. She talks about all forms of art; including writing. Oceans of love to all of you! xoxo

Walking in this World Book Pages 6.10.18 #1 Walking in this World Book Pages 6.10.18 #2

**UPDATE June 29 2021** – I’m happy I came across this draft post from 2018. It is timeless in my opinion. An artist is partly fueled by encouraging feedback from others. Such a meaningful post! 

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

“Words of Alchemy”, published December 2019, is a free-verse poetry memoir covering the last 6 years of my life. The poetry of nature, the poetry of healing, the poetry of appreciation, the poetry of love, in one beautiful book.

Amazing news! My 19 year old daughter, Lillian Darnell’s debut book, “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories” was published January 2018. Learn more and order here

Wonderfully exciting news! My 15 year old son, Thomas Darnell‘s book, Biggest Little Photographer is published. Be inspired! Learn more and order here.

In Gratitude … November 2013

I decided to do it different this year for our November month of gratitude.

Team TLC planted our very own Gratitude Garden! We each added to the tree every day. We added so much love to our tree that it became blooming full! Lillian planted the yellow flower and Thomas the purple flower. Thomas cut out most of the fruits and leaves for the tree too!

Here’s our Gratitude Garden and Tree all grown! Next year, we will make our tree larger to better allow for growth of all the leaves and fruits!

I chose to grow our garden freestyle so we didn’t date our fruit and leaves. We just added a word or two of what we are thankful and grateful for, added our name, decorated and then “planted it”!

Here is each of ours in no particular order:


  • School
  • Food
  • Sun
  • Books
  • Cows
  • My birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Color
  • Love
  • Ducks
  • Leaf
  • Happy
  • Lemon Book
  • Legos
  • Shrimp
  • Friday
  • Paper


  • Christmas
  • Weather & Seasons
  • Life
  • Ham
  • Kindness
  • Legos
  • Living
  • Library
  • Waffles
  • Color blue
  • Family
  • Junie B. Jones Books
  • Clothes
  • Snow
  • Building
  • Beauty


  • Clothes
  • Love
  • Strength & Courage
  • Goodness & Kindness
  • Imagination
  • Quiet Time & Meditation
  • Shelter – Our Home
  • Water
  • Compassion
  • Excitement
  • Abundance
  • Food
  • Thomas & Lillian – Getting to be their Mom
  • Generosity
  • Books
  • Nature

That’s it! We had a great time creating and planting our Gratitude Garden! May this inspire you to begin planting your own garden of gratitude!

Thomas and Lillian chose to make their own version too! Here they are: