I Dare YOU

Feeling a little pumped up and frisky … so here you are … I DARE YOU to:

  • Dance in the middle of a store when the mood strikes you
  • Smile at complete strangers when you get the urge
  • Sing out loud when you’re out for a walk with your favorite music and ear buds
  • Take a long relaxing bath in the middle of the day
  • Eat your favorite dessert for dinner
  • Belly laugh out loud when someone says or does something funny … don’t hold back
  • Instead of agreeing or sympathizing with someone having a bad day, share your strength with them …
  • Wear make-up and great clothes while cleaning house
  • Dance and sing with the broom while sweeping
  • Stop … and REALLY smell the roses
  • Stop … Quiet your thoughts, take three deep belly breaths
  • Take your kids outside before bed, lay in the grass and gaze at the sky
  • Clean that junk draw … set a timer and time yourself … 15 minutes at the most!
  • Stretch your arms to the sky and say, “I am Amazing! … and BELIEVE it!!”

That’s it … I Dare YOU!!!

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