Throwback Post: Sunset Walks While Reading and Cooking


September 10 2015:

Just WOW! Beautiful walk tonight. Plus a moving quote from the bedtime book we read last night … “Do the little thing that comes from YOUR heart and everything might change, in ways no one could imagine.” – The Brave Little Parrot

September 10 2013

Gonna enjoy as many of these sunset reading moments as we possibly can in the next month and a half …. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

September 10 2012:

I’m so excited!!! Prepping for my annual “Lillian Presentation”. Every year I present to Lillian’s classmates about her differences. This year I’ll have a larger audience as all of the 4-6 grade teachers want me to present to their students instead of just Lillian’s class! WOW!! I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to have these little minds to inspire and educate … My desire is that I say just the right thing, in just the right way to inspire at least one of them, hopefully more, to accept themselves just as they ARE and to carry that forward to acceptance and kindness towards those with differences … The magic happens this Friday, the 14th … not just any Friday and not just any 14th …. It’s a very special inspiring little ladies birthday that day too …. Rock on Ms. Lillian … Keep on shinin girl!

Makin dinner adventures for Team Member T … Fillin my boy with confidence and kindness tonight … Spaghetti and Meatball Stoup … And I was Thomas’ helper all the way!

A little poem inspired by Team Member T & L this past July 2012 …

September 10 2011:

About 10,000 feet up on Southwest Air on our way back to Reno from Vegas!!!



Throwback Post: Reading With Happiness at the Beach


September 11 2014:

A boy, a book, lovely green grass, and his guinea pig, Lovey! The perfect picture of LOVE!

Just picked up a VERY happy young man! His first day of computer programming with NCLab! Thomas’ 3 words describing the class: epic, awesome, and love! Thank you to Stephanie for ordering one of Thomas’ LEGO prints and Scott for paying 5 times what we were asking for a print. One month paid for AND he paid for it himself … With your help! Next month is 3D printing!

Oops! Forgot to post the picture of Lillian and I before the Lillian presentation yesterday to her class! Both showing our chromosome 18 love with our shirts!

September 11 2012

Isn’t this woman gorgeous??? Love her to pieces … That is ALL! (Patty Romano, aka Momma, in Gulfport, Mississippi …. getting some sand to bring back to Team Member T & L)

Throwback Post: Tiny Shoe Treasure While Dancing With Books


September 17 2014:

Keep your eyes open for a mini fairy princess wearing only one pink shoe! We found the other one!

Lovey joined us tonight for the dance party! Still no after dinner walk due to the smoke. Cyndi Lauper, Sister Sledge, Kool and the Gang, and Van Halen for our dancing pleasure tonight!

September 17 2011:

Quick library stop while Thomas is at a birthday party!! Team member L is happy!!

Throwback Post: Peaceful Rocks at the Library and Swimming


September 21 2014:

Here’s to International Day of Peace and the last day of Summer! Welcome Autumn! Bring it! (Almond flour cookie with cream cheese frosting and dye free sprinkles …. So YUM)!

September 21 2013:

I think there’s been some rock cleaning going on here … Thomas has been in the back yard discovering rock treasures! Suppose they needed to be washed! Love, love, love that little dude! xoxo

It’s a beautiful gray and windy day outside and a cozy and comfy day inside our awesome library! Library adventures!

September 21 2012:

Who needs street vibrations when we’ve got night time pool vibrations?? Wooohoooo!!!

September 21 2011:

When all else fails have a Dance Party . . . Team TLC Dance Party is ON right now!! I was made for dancin . . .

Throwback Post: Sibshops and Birthdays with Library Days


October 3 2015:

Sibshop time for Thomas! Super big plus: Don Meyer is facilitating this one as it’s a demonstration Sibshop. I went through Sibshop training with Don facilitating a few years ago at UNR. I know Thomas is having a ball! He was sitting next to Don when I left. Oceans of gratitude to Diana Beeghly Rovetti and Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities for putting this together. This is Thomas’ 4th one and he loves being a part of them!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Momma, Patty!! Being your daughter is one of my greatest treasures and one of my biggest opportunities for learning and growing. Love, Love, Love YOU! Hope you and Frank are having FUN!!! We miss having y’all just around the corner!! xoxo

Extra cool library day! We went to a library we’ve never visited!! So awesome, beautiful view, and we didn’t even get to look through all the books and movies. The lighting or something inside made Lillian sick to her stomach. Had to go really fast! She felt better once we got outside and headed home. We’ll have to go back and try again!

October 3 2012

You are a special woman like no other … I thank you with all my soul and being for ALWAYS being there for me and doing the best darn job you could in raising me! I LOVE YOU!!! Love, Camilla

Adventures in Happiness and Gratitude … Thomas and I are making Sicilian meatloaf, listening to jazz and blues …. Just simply enjoying life ….

October 3 2010:

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Momma, Happy Birthday to You, And Many Moreeee!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my Momma’s Bday, Patty Romano. I’m truly blessed that you are my Mom and more grateful than I can even express for all your support and wisdom throughout my life and especially these past 4 years! Love you!

Throwback Post: Sweet Dream Spells With a Pirate Wench While Reading With the Tooth Fairy


October 27 2013:

Reading to Thomas and Lillian before bed, One game of UNO, one dance party, one Sweet Dream Fairy Spell … and I end this day grateful that I GET to do all of this! Gosh Darn, this stuff rocks! Celebrate Good Times, Come on … Let’s Celebrate … xoxo


October 27 2012:

Halloween Party 2012 ~ Camilla was a very sexy Pirate Wench! – Tele Raack

Books = Adventures & Happiness ….

October 27 2011:

We’re ready for the tooth fairy! Plus the other one is about to come out too!!

Throwback Post: A Uniquely Portable Magic


October 17 2015:

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

Library Day!! Lillian’s favorite was the peacock pumpkin, I liked the spooky pumpkin, and Thomas liked the white one but he was already in the lobby reading! Lillian and I got our turn in the photo booth this time too!!


Latest News: Meeting the Authors

I have fun and wonderful news to share!

About three weeks ago I launched a website titled, Meeting the Authors, with the main purpose of the site being to interview authors. I have sent interview questions to somewhere around 100 authors in about a 3 week time frame! This is a ton of work! Yet, also fun and enlightening! I am meeting so many wonderful people around the globe!

This website was born from a love of writing combined with a love of reading what others have written. The site hosts fun, quirky, different than the norm, and interesting author interviews and short book reviews.

Being in this arena since 2012, I noticed the need for seasoned and newly published authors (whether traditional or indie) to have online outlets to receive more exposure. There are many, many incredible writers in our world and this is my small way of helping others who love the written word to know about them.

Authors have worked incredibly hard creating these books. Writing the book is only a piece of the process. The book must be edited and designed and formatted for printing as a book. There’s no relaxing once the book is ready to be birthed to the reading world! Marketing the book and keeping the momentum must be stepped into vigorously. Again, this is my small way of helping.

The site features interviews with authors and book love reviews. The book love reviews are short posts to let you know about books I’ve read and loved. I do not have the time to write full reviews. However, if I’ve read a book I enjoyed, I’ll give a brief reason why and a description of the book.

The plan is to eventually have either a podcast featuring author interviews and/or live interviews open for reader questions. You can use the “search” feature on the website to search for books in your chosen genre.

It is my hope that you discover a new author or book that inspires you, helps you to heal, teaches you something about history you never knew, ignites your imagination, delights from head to toe with romantic tales, or helps you tap into your inner detective and sleuth to solve mysteries. And everything in between!!

If you are an author or blog tour organizer, please visit the Contact page to see further details and get yourself on the list to be featured. The interviews are currently booked through November 2019 (can you believe that? after only THREE weeks). However, I have left room to accommodate book launches and am happy to continue scheduling interviews.

If you’d like to support this endeavor, click on over and check it out. Go here for Meet the Author interviews and here for Book Love. And for further support you can “like” the facebook page, follow on instagram, and sign up to receive new posts through email or through WordPress Reader (right hand side bar of website).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, fingers, and toes for your love and support!

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

Coming Soon!! “Words of Alchemy” is the latest book coming to life! Cover is currently being created and we are shooting for July 2019 for release date!

Amazing news! My 17 year old daughter, Lillian Darnell’s debut book, “Where Would You Fly and Other Magical Stories” was published January 2018. Learn more and order here.

Wonderfully exciting news! My 13 year old son, Thomas Darnell‘s book, Biggest Little Photographer is published. Be inspired! Learn more and order here.

Go here to see latest soul writings. xoxo