Mindful Living: Meaningful Music – An Interview with CRVSH

“You cannot help but be happy” …. from the CRVSH song titled “Happy”.

A friend invited me to a Valentine’s celebration on February 15, 2014 at Midtown Wine Bar here in Reno, Nevada. A local band, CRVSH, would be playing live music. This is not normally my cup of tea; but my internal voice urged me to go.

I’m so glad I did! It was an amazing evening full of good, warm, loving energy. CRVSH has three band members, Jimmy Dunn, Aaron Sion, and Daniel Sion. The three write their own music. The songs are full of meaning, have a great beat, and there’s an incredible “so-alive” energy that exudes from these guys!

They not only perform by singing the song and creating a great beat with their instruments, before each song they say a little something to help the listener connect with the song. For instance, for the song “Rain”, Jimmy Dunn, said something like …. “think about when you were young and playing in the rain and how good the rain felt when it landed on your face.” This isn’t exactly what he said, but it was something like this. Adding this statement before the song pulled me into experiencing the song even further and added another fun layer to listening to it!

After the show, I asked Jimmy if I could interview the band. I explained that my blog is centered around mindful, inspired living with an underlying message to spread love everywhere we go. I feel their music embodies exactly this.

Here we go …

Camilla: What is the meaning behind the name CRVSH?

CRVSH: It represents both extremes of the emotional spectrum. The word “crush” describes the feeling of infatuation, and can have a feminine energy to it. It also has a masculine meaning that is destruction, transformation, and overcoming obstacles. Our sound is essentially love songs with extremely powerful electronic beats that smash the speakers.

Camilla: What was the hardest part about getting started as a band?

CRVSH: Finding the right line up: it took a very long time to find out who was motivated in the long run and who was in it for drugs and girls.

Camilla: Why are you choosing this as a career?

CRVSH: We want to enjoy our lives and do something we feel good about, not just something that sounds logical. To the three of us there is no risk involved because we genuinely know that it is working.

Camilla: What are common misconceptions about professional musicians?

CRVSH: People think that musicians have an easy life because many people who are big right now have been born into their opportunities. However, when you are not born into it, this is a much more difficult path than most conventional careers. It is entirely self-motivated, which is why so many people fail at it. Also, people do not realize that it is a full-time job. Many of our friends wish that we had more time to spend with them on the weekends, but these are sacrifices one must make.

Camilla: What message are you trying to send to listeners with your music?

CRVSH: We push the truth that a lot of societal norms are actually imprisoning human potential and that it is okay to be different and intellectual. We also want to bring out people’s emotions and nurture that side of them.

Camilla: How does your music make listeners feel? 

CRVSH: We have gotten tremendously positive feedback on our music from listeners. It has even changed a lot of our fans’ life significantly. They get a sense of connection and liberation at our shows. This is possibly because we are not a manufactured act, but we are completely D.I.Y.

Camilla: What is your guys’s game plan for the next year?

CRVSH: For 2014 we will be releasing music videos from our album until summer, going on a tour to Los Angeles and back, and then making more music and more music videos! We are also pushing our product to as many other avenues as possible.

Camilla: Why is being creative important to you?

CRVSH: Humans have forgotten their power. We recognize that we are extremely powerful beings that need to show our awesome songs to the world!

Camilla: What do your families think?

CRVSH: In the beginning our parents were a little worried that we were in need of a back up plan, but over the years as we have gotten better and made our dream more and more of a reality, we have gained the fully relentless and enthusiastic support of all the parents. As far as many of our relatives go, we have both those that support and those that will be supporting us very soon.

Camilla: For people looking to start their own creative careers, what advice would you offer?

CRVSH: Do something that is different than anyone else! Dig deep into what you are feeling good about. If you make something straight from the heart that has the boldness and uniqueness that is you, it will prevail!

Thank you Jimmy, Aaron, and Daniel. I’m so blessed to have met the three of YOU!

Head on over to CRVSH’s website and have a listen to some of their songs. Follow this link … https://crvshmusic.com/music/. My favorite is track #15 Happy. I also like track #1 Rain, track #2 Crazy, track #3 No Sleep Tonight and track #4 Fall in Love.

Heartfuly Inspired™,
Spread Love Everywhere You Go!