Handing the Advocacy Wheel to My Teen – Intense Times

January 19 2024

When your neurodivergent 18-year-old has to take over advocating for themself, making phone calls, sending emails, trying like hell to get others to just do their damn job; that’s some intense shit right there.

They are experiencing just how much time you’ve spent and how hard you have to advocate. It’s also damn hard not to jump in and rip these people to shreds due to the intense anxiety they are causing your child. Of course I will not do this so they can learn how to take care of these things.

My level of “I will not be ignored” is pretty damn high. I’m professional about it, but I will hound you to the ends of time until you do your damn job! 💥💥💥

**I had to step in as this had to be addressed ASAP. I happen to be connected with one of the head folks at this agency. I emailed for help. I had supervisors emailing and received a call right away. It is finally taken care of. Whew! In between my other work and meetings. The ride of life, indeed!