Throwback Post: Interconnectedness of Kindness and Intuition


March 11 2016

Yesterday afternoon Thomas and I were looking at an ad that came in the mail from Bed, Bath and Beyond. On the front cover is a Himalayan salt lamp. I told Thomas I’ve been wanting a votive candle holder or a lamp for years and one day I’m gonna have one.

This afternoon I received a message from a friend that a little something had just been left on the porch. WOW! I sent a message thanking her and shared the story above.

Her reply, “I got that flyer in the mail too. It made me think of you.” I don’t think I had voiced to anyone except Thomas that I wanted one of these. It’s just beautiful and magical when synchronicity shows up like this … When we listen to our intuition.

I have had this happen as the giver as well. For me it has been an inner nudge to share a quote, a passage from a book, or simply to reach out. It’s always a blessing for both the giver and receiver … as when we give, we receive.

Even in instances where we never hear back from the recipient. That doesn’t matter. There was a reason for the inner nudge. We don’t always need to know the reason. Years ago I shared with Thomas that if we are moved to reach out, to share kindness, we should never let fear of the receiver not responding or openly appreciating the act, stop us. Someone will benefit. The giver, the receiver, someone who witnessed … someone. xoxoxoxo

**October 2021 Update – I still have this lovely gift, gracing our dining table.

See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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How to Share Loving Kindness

Dragon and Angel Wings and Bird Wings Vintage Lake May 2017

One, beautiful, kind, loving gesture. If you have the opportunity to share loving kindness with someone, I beg of you to do it.

You never know what they carry on their shoulders and your act could be the one thing that offers them much needed relief; before they explode or implode. And also restores their faith and knowing in themselves and others.

Someone saying, “yes” to you when it’s been a month of “No” and negative events. That just happened this afternoon. It landed on this heart with such gratitude and relief.

And, from all places, an employee at the Reno Social Security office. I had requested a waiver of an amount owed to Social Security due to an error (having to do with Lillian’s SSI). I felt the two items required to be met for the approval of the waiver, were met.

I had received a letter denying it, and a conference was automatically set for today so that an uninvolved third party could review with me. He agreed with me, and with a few strokes of the keyboard, waived the amount.

That landed on a heart that is parched and thirsted for relief. I hope I didn’t embarrass him. I blessed him and left in tears. Relief, Dear God, Relief from one issue. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Thank you to Happy, my Guardian Angel. And, thank you to Ram Dass as I sat reading one of his books while waiting. And, And, Thank You to my Mammaw, Elnor Downs, whose presence I felt with me while waiting.

**This is simply an example of loving kindness shared with me. There are as many ways to share loving kindness as there are differently shaped snowflakes. Below is one technique that may be useful:

  • Upon awaking every morning, open your heart to being aware of opportunities to share loving kindness.
  • Make it your intention to share compassion and loving kindness with another person, animal, and/or nature.
  • Stay in the present moment as often as possible
  • And, BAM! … You will be presented with the opportunity to share the Divine Love that you are and that flows through you ….


See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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Love Is … An Act of Kindness

Y’all don’t forget that the customers can hear inside the bank when you are outside using the drive through!! No worries … this is a FEEL GOOD post.

I was in the bank a while ago and overheard a customer being grumpy about having to show her driver’s license to cash a check as the teller was new and didn’t know her yet. I smiled at the young lady helping me and said “That customer just needs some love and kindness.” The bank employee helping Ms. Grumpy continued to be kind and apologize for the inconvenience. Ms. Grumpy sent over her DL and the teller cashed her check. When the teller sent the money out, Ms. Grumpy apologized for being grumpy. The two chatted happily about what each of them were cooking for the holidays and off Ms. Grumpy went .. EXCEPT, she had left behind Ms. Grumpy and drove away Ms. HappY.

I looked at the teller helping me and said, “See, she just needed some love.” I left HappY and both tellers were happy and smiling too!

My wish for YOU is that you actively search for opportunities to perform an act of kindness by holding this thought, “Love is …. “. Have FUN!

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