How a Rose Garden Gave Me Clarity

Recently, Lillian and I were having a date day at Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno. At the same time, a group of middle school kids were participating in a scavenger hunt.

As Lillian and I were leaving the beautiful rose garden, a young man asked his friends in a hurried voice, “Where’s the rose garden?” Without even thinking I said out loud that he was standing in the middle of it.

Lillian in the rose garden ... xoxo

He either didn’t hear me or didn’t think I was talking to him. He asked his friends again in a near panic to find that darn rose garden. (I had been watching the students looking at the signs posted to know when they had reached an area.) This time I said, “Look around you. You are in it.”

He was scanning the area for a sign indicating it was the rose garden. Then he asked his friends again. I felt compelled to help this young man see what was right in front of his face. I said, “You are standing in it right now. Look around you. You are surrounded by roses.” His friends finally told him he was in the rose garden.

I didn’t think any more about this until the next day. During my morning meditation session the entire scene replayed. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but that was a perfectly orchestrated message for me. For about a week I had been trying to figure out how I fit into, and how to respond to, a project for which I’ve been asked to have a role.

After the meditation session, I dropped down into my heart and the answer became clear. I simply hadn’t “seen” it due to only looking at the “sign” (description of what was needed for the project) and thinking about what I didn’t want. Experiencing the rose garden incident reminded me that the answer was already within me. I simply need to bring the true me, with my unique gifts and talents, to the project and not make myself fit into the project, not offer to work in an area in which I have no passion, simply because it would involve receiving a nice pay check.

I created an informal RFP indicating what role I would like to have and the reasons for not wanting more of a role. I calculated an amount to match the suggested role. I emailed the information with a note that I had no experience in preparing RFP’s and that this was very informal and simply my thoughts on how I saw myself fitting into the project. It was received with enthusiasm and included in a grant request that was submitted a few days later. The results of the grant request will be received in January 2016.

Do you need clarity about a decision? Are you searching frantically for the answer, the sign, the label? Or simply spending too much time focused on the “sign”?

As with everything I share on this blog, I knew I was to share this with you too. I spent some time breaking down how I got clarity into 4 simple steps. There’s ONE huge precursor to using these steps. You must ask for signs and messages and be of the mindset of being open to receiving signs and messages at anytime and anywhere. Please be sure to move through these 4 steps in a place or at a time when you are at peace (for me, this happened after meditation).

Here are 4 steps to get clarity:

  1. Be still
  2. Be quiet
  3. Be in your heart
  4. Be open to receive

You will “see” the answer clearly within you and surrounding you. Repeat as needed.

I would love to hear back regarding how this works for you or perhaps you’ve added a step or two or have a different “ritual” for getting clarity. Please share if you are moved to do so.

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