Sexy Grown Folks Poetry – Surrender

February 25 2024

Last night was a freaking blast. Sexy, steamy fire was delivered by all!!! 🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🔥 I wrote two poems. Here’s one.

Bones of it written in June 2023, with new material added February 24 2024


I will not settle down
I will not behave.
I will give myself amnesia
For how I was taught
I’m supposed to be

I will begin to remember anew
Making my way
With Authenticity
Waking every day
Expressing myself real and raw

Let my gravity
Be the force
That pulls you
To me

I feel it.
It’s pure ecstasy.
As my body dissolves into yours.

Pure ecstasy
I quiver with it.

You feel it.
It’s pure ecstasy
Pure ecstasy
You feel like you will explode.

You want it
I want it
I want your touch
A touch that makes the little hairs on my arm rise

I want your feel
I want to run my fingers along
every inch of your body

I want your scent
A scent that stays with me,
Lingers in my clothes, my hair
And on my body

I want the taste of you
In my mouth
I want my taste buds to
Memorize you
So my mouth waters when you’re near

Your beautiful soft skin
Deep dark eyes
Thick black eye lashes
Luscious, full lips
Warm, bright smile.

The more I get
The more I want
The more you get
The more you want
The more we get
The more we want.

You want my lips
You want my body
You want my eyes gazing into yours
You want to see my warm smile
You want me pressed against you.

Luscious, passionate kisses
Soft caressing of my body,
of your body,
Your touch, your kisses, make me lose control
My legs wrapped around your body
Makes you lose control.

Desire filled embraces
Hands intertwined
Gazing deep into
each other’s eyes.

Our plump lips
Gently touching
Mouths open
Tongues touch
Excites, ignites.

Every kiss
Reminding me
What it’s like to empty my mind
To let go

Kisses of molasses that leave a trail
Of rose petals scattered
On the trail to my heart

Clothes come off
Bodies become one
The heat increases
Hands sliding and gripping
The pleasure so intense
Audible groans of pleasure.

Bodies quiver
Bodies come together as one
Embrace, kissing passionately
Gazing into each other’s eyes.

Bodies climax together
They relax into each other’s embrace
They snuggle closely
Relaxing into each other’s touch.

I feel it
You feel it
The more we get
The more we want.
Camilla Downs