Delicious Freshly Picked Apples While Enjoying Views from the Dentist Chair

October 1 2023

The apple crisp is a hit! 🍎🍏🍎 Made with apples from my friend, Melinda’s place. Thank you Melinda Bourke Blackwell!!!!❤️💚❤️

October 8 2023

Nitrous oxide and this view. 👀🌲👀 Makes going to the dentist bearable. One or two more visits, a year and half process (maybe two by the time we’re done), many thousands of dollars. Hallelujah!!! Almost done. 🎉🤍🎉

Scripts Wildlife Area While Picking Apples

September 28 2023

This morning’s walk was in Scripts Wildlife area, incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Then I picked apples at my friend Melinda’s place right next to this glorious place, sharing an apple with each critter. They were so happy!! They all wanted their photos taken! Thanks for the apples, Melinda Bourke Blackwell! Thomas wants to come visit when you get back home. ❤️