Movie Musings: Friendship and Mermaids and Hot Chocolate

“When Marnie Was There” (amazon affiliate link) …. Oh my gosh!!!! So awesome!!! Friendship, mystery, and discovery! Thomas says, “Really good, fun, nice, good music, good animation, and good everything.” Lillian says, “Good, suspenceful, mysterious, surprising, amazing, good and pretty scenery, feel good, and wonderful.”

“Ponyo” (amazon affiliate link) … Thomas says, “Super good, funny, hilarious, awesome, amazing.” Lillian says, “Good, hilarious, amazing, exciting, awesome, and suspenseful.” I say, “A fun and magical tale.”

“The Polar Express” (amazon affiliate link) ….  I really enjoy watching this with Thomas and Lillian as it reinforces the message I share with them … That the spirit of Christmas lies in the heart. Plus …. I love the hot chocolate scene. FUN!! Lillian says, “Good, Christmasy, adventurous, suspenseful, musical, awesome, nice theme, good moral, good effects, and hilarious.” Thomas says, “Good, amazing, magical, favorite Christmas movie, awesome, spectacular, and everything good!”

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