Lessons from Nature: Open the Heart to Be Free

Palm Tree Looking Up San Antonio July 2016

“Nature knows not
Her beauty without us.
We know not
Our beauty, compassion,
And peace without her.”
Oh beautiful tree
The lessons thy impart to me
Open the heart to be free
Grateful to you
I will forever be.” ~ 2016 Camilla Downs, Lessons from Nature

(Picture in San Antonio along the Riverwalk July 2016)

Latest News: Wild and Electrifying – Prints and Photographic Scribe

Happy Spring to everyone!

I have been pursuing my interest in landscape photography. I love capturing the simplicity, beauty and mystery of nature. Some of my photographs share the simplicity of nature. Some are mysterious and invoke the how, what or why within you. Some are simply beautiful in that the colors of nature are captured layered together in a 2D format. I like to call it Earth Art!

The above photograph is one of the most popular to date. Sunset in Reno, Nevada’s Damonte Ranch area in March 2014.

I share the photos on instagram at instagram.com/CamillaDowns. I’ve had much interest expressed by others who would like to purchase prints. I am researching how to best approach this for y’all. I’ll let everyone know when I’ve got it nailed down.

In the meantime I’ll be sharing the most popular photos on my blog. If there’s one that captures your eye, please leave a comment or message me. This will also help me in determining which photos to use for shows and placement in local businesses here in Reno! Kinda of like giving me a thumbs up so I know what speaks to everyone!

In the near future, you will also have the ability to create a custom made monograph of my photography. YOU select the photos you want included and we will take over from there! Want specific quotes included to pair with the photographs? You’ll be able to do that too! These are meant to be personalized for the recipient whether the book is for you or you are giving it as a gift. Stay tuned for more details on this too.

In addition, I am available on a commission basis as a photographic scribe. I will creatively capture the beauty of nature inspired life events. Have you ever been in nature and a view of the landscape brought tears or caused you to be breathless … in a good way? I can capture that view for you! Who says you can’t make time stand still? Here are some examples of what I can create for you.

  • Do you have a favorite nature spot? One that you wish you could keep with you wherever you go? I will photograph your favorite place. You can choose your favorite(s) for printing on gallery quality canvas and/or choose to create a monograph. You will always have your favorite nature retreat with you for those times when you can’t get there.
  • Are you building a new custom home on your dream land? I can capture the entire process from the raw land to completion. You can choose to print your favorite(s) and/or create a monograph.
  • Already have your dream home on a breathtaking farm or ranch with an amazing view of nature? I can capture your favorite views for printing or creating a monograph.
  • Do you have an outdoor based business, organization or nonprofit? I can capture the uniqueness and beauty of this for you too! I have just recently been photographing Center for Adaptive Riding’s facility and grounds. So beautiful! Will share those soon as a blog post. (That’s my son, Thomas, in the white helmet on the front page of CAR’s website! I did not take that photo.)
  • I’m a think-way-out-of-the-box kinda person, so shoot me your thoughts about my services as a photographic scribe. We’ll see if we can make it happen!

Lastly, I am working on wrapping my arms, brain and “heart” around what truly inspires me. With that, it is my intention to pull it all together with the name of Heartfuly Inspired (H♥rtfuly Inspired). It’s currently coming together and I will share as a blog post when it’s all finalized. I intend for this to inspire you as well! xoxo

What do you think about the sunset photo above? Do you have any thoughts to share about this wild and electrifying announcement? Y’all know I LOVE hearing from you!!

Heartfuly Inspired™,
See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

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