Love and Hearts: Refuel and Nourish Your Body

Love Flakes Heart 5.23.18

Just as I refuel and nourish your physical body,
You must take action to refuel and nourish your emotional and creative body.

You cannot serve others if you are deeply depleted.

Creativity and improvising become clouded and stagnant when you are depleted.

You tell yourself you must continue, yet unless you give yourself time away from those who unknowingly drain you; your circumstances will not improve.

There are those in your life you simply cannot distance yourself and break free from due to your role as caregiver.

Yet, you can begin to schedule time to replenish and refuel so that you can be loving and compassionate in this role.

Take heed. This must be done for your mental and emotional health. And, it must be done for those you love.

The Cereal

(Written May 2018)

Well, lately I haven’t. Hence, this mornings message. I actually received it last night but this brought clarity. I had hit the point of no return last night. It hurt to even walk. I have been completely overwhelmed, sad, and absolutely not creative. And, this message is why. I am beyond empty. Deeply empty!! There aren’t even fumes to keep me going. I’ve been on empty for probably 2 years. I feel so much better having realized what’s going on and I took time to write this morning. I’ll be writing a blog post to expand on this so stay tuned.

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