Give Me All the Vacations – Camilla in Lake Tahoe

August 12 2023

Lillian and I did it! We successfully navigated one night, at home alone for Lillian! I’m thrilled for us! Thank you to Matt and Julie Miller for the inspiration and the ideas. This moves us one step closer to me getting a longer vacation. Next up, we will try 2 or 3 days, then a week, and the sky’s the limit after that. (First time since about 2008!!)

Here are all of the South Lake Tahoe photos in one post. I stayed for one night, on the beach, with an amazing view. In my opinion it was THE BEST lake view room on the property. Don’t know how that happened. But, hell yes! I mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the view. I met up with my South Lake Tahoe friends for live music on the beach at the property next door to where I was staying. It was an absolutely beautiful night. The next morning I went to the beach early before everyone started arriving. It was perfect! And there was a bear sighting. But it was just out of my view.

For those that don’t know Nevada and Lake Tahoe. This was about an hour drive for me. We can get to North Lake Tahoe in about 30 or 40 minutes. South Lake Tahoe is about double that.