Don’t Let the How Stop you from the Why

I’m housecleaning on my blog! Cleaning the 20 pages of “draft” status posts. Most I’m trashing or adding to my digital journal. Yet, I’ve come across some that I feel moved to share.


Last week a student asked if a woman in a video I shared with them was me. Student T said, “No, that’s not her. She doesn’t have the money to film something like that.” I said, “Do you think I would let that stop me from moving forward with a project I knew needed to be brought to the public?”

Student T asked how I would do it without money. I said, “You don’t focus on that. You focus on doing it, begin it, take that first step, share it and the help you need to make it happen will come .. as long as it’s something that benefits others. And as long as you don’t lose your focus on whatever it is. You don’t want to let the how stop you from doing it for the why …”

I also shared the story of how my book came to be … If I had not taken that first step and began writing it, there would be no book. I had no idea how I would pay for the expenses in publishing a book ….

I posted the above on facebook and had also saved my response to the beautiful comments that were received …

Honestly y’all, when the students make some of these comments this stuff just flies out of my mouth … before I can even think about it. Next thing I know my heart is racing, my face is warm and I’ve shared some really cool words with them.

However, sometimes I forget to take my own advice. I have just come to the understanding of precisely why I am teaching this class. I have been questioning this for weeks and have been telling myself there is a reason I am doing it and the reason will become clear eventually.

I get it now. It’s not only for the students. It’s for ME and Team TLC too. What I share with Thomas and Lillian, what I share with the students, the books I’m reading during this time, the conversations I’m having with others is all perfectly synchronized like waves rolling up to shore … back and forth, back and forth …


There’s no better feeling than listening to your inner voice, having faith in it and your choices and the moment you understand it all … So much love and hugs and smiles to all y’all!!!


October 2018 Additional Information:

In September 2014 I taught a blogging class at High Desert Montessori. The above is a conversation from that class.

I cannot remember which of two videos I had them watch. Yet, I know it had something to do with one of the “Success for Teens” modules we were covering on that day.

It was either this one ….

or this one …

If you’re interested in the story of how “D iz for Different – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance” came to be, go here …

Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Three

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