Poetry: May You Always Know

Camilla & Lillian Rancho July 2015

Finally finished Lillian’s hand made Christmas gift! xoxo

Dearest Lillian

May you always live with an open and light heart,
May you always live knowing you are unconditionally loved,
May you always live knowing and allowing peace, joy, and abundance.

May good fortune smile and shower upon you,
May joy stalk you and be hidden in every nook and cranny of your life,
May peace float always above you as a puffy cloud in a bright blue sky.

May the shadows ever be there to bring delight and laughter to your world,
May the suns rays ever bring a smile and tender joy to your life,
May you never lose your sense of wonder with all things that most have lost.

May you always hear the sweet sound of the magical bell.

May you always know, even after I am long done with this body,
that my love for you is eternal and never ending.

I love you,
Camilla 💖

Lillian's Christmas Gift 2017 Finished #2

Lillian's Christmas Gift 2017 Finished #1 Lillian's Christmas Gift 2017 Finished #3

Lillian's Christmas Gift 2017 Finished #4

I think it was in 2012 when I began making each of them something handmade that incorporated some type of writing from me. It brings me such joy and I feel even if they don’t fully appreciate it now, they will cherish it some day. And, if they don’t, that’s okay too. For once I make it and give it as a gift, I release it.

I like to use recycled items when creating hand made gifts. This is a piece of cardboard. The top and bottom accent are from an old wall calendar which features flowers. The star, bird, and sun are from another old calendar. The flowers are from a really old Highlights magazine. The hand drawn decorations are with glitter glue. And, last, I’ll attach a piece of hemp shoe string to use for hanging the piece. A friend donated boxes of this hemp string to us many years ago. Fun!

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