Movie Musings: John Doe and Love and Africa

Meet John Doe Movie May 2016

Team TLC movie night … My choice: Frank Capra’s “Meet John Doe” – I say, “Get to know your neighbors. We truly are all the same in that we all want happiness.” Thomas says, “Inspiring, good, emotional, suspenseful, makes you think and helps you imagine if something like this really happened.” Lillian says, “Good, cliffhanger, emotional, musical, and thought provoking.”

The Love Bug Movie May 2012

Throw back to May 2012 …. “The Love Bug” … Lots of laughter! This is the best of all “Bug” movies!

Magic Journey to Africa Movie May 2013

Team TLC movie night …. Throw back to May 2013 … “Magic Journey to Africa” Another magical adventure!! We’ll take that!!

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